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Contract Contingencies When Buying or Selling a HomeSeveral generations of statistics continue to show that home ownership represents the largest investment most Americans will ever make during their lifetime. In addition to the value of the home as a financial asset, owning a home has also been proven to offer social benefits, including a more stable life for the homeowner, their family and their community, as a whole. But becoming a homeowner does carry some significant risks that must be considered, such as buying a home with valuation or condition issues. Luckily, prospective home buyers who want to garner the benefits of homeownership with less personal risk can rely on purchase offer contingencies to assist them.

Commonly Used Contingencies

Basically defined as the insertion of a

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Should I Get a Home Warranty?When buying a home, a lot of people are cautioned not to miss anything during the final walk-through, lest they find themselves on the hook for a broken system. A home warranty is designed to provide some protection against this sort of problem, but they are not always necessary. People should weigh the cost in relation to their other expenses before they make a decision to purchase a home warranty.

Home Warranty vs Homeowners Insurance

An easy analogy to help home buyers distinguish between a home warranty and homeowners insurance is to consider the same kinds of protections for cars. A warranty on a car makes some provision for repairs or replacement of certain parts or systems, if they wear out or break before the warranty runs out.

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Las Vegas Housing Market Update - September 2017

Las Vegas Home Buyers have 4977 single family homes available today.  Condos, town homes and high rise condos offer 1178 more choices.  Total homes for sale is 6155.  That’s a tiny increase over 6139 last month but a 33% drop from the 9274 homes that were listed a year ago.  

We sold 2920 single family homes in September.  Condos, town homes and high rise properties added 720 transactions.  Total homes sold was 3640 for the month.  Down from 3992 in August.  The number of single family homes sold was only down .4% from September 2016.  

The median home price continued to edge up, rising to $265,000 in September.  That’s 1.9% higher than the previous month and 13.5% higher than September 2016.

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Las Vegas High Rise News - September 2017 

Looking to buy a Las Vegas high rise condo?  As of today, you have 379 options in our top buildings.  That’s only a slight decrease from 386 last month.  We sold 55 luxury condos in September compared to 66 last month. 

Top sellers in September - Veer Towers took the lead again with 9 condos sold.  Buyers who are interested in that location should make their move sooner rather than later.  A few weeks ago when I was there, the on-site sales office was down to only 15 condos left.  By now, it’s probably fewer.  

ONE Las Vegas was second place with 8 condos sold.  Third place was a tie between Turnberry Place, Turnberry Towers, Signature at MGM, Panorama Towers and The Mandarin.  Each of those buildings

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Should You Do DIY Repairs or Hire a Professional?As you think about ways to make your home more attractive to buyers, you also have to take a dollars and cents approach to necessary repairs and updates. While doing some things yourself might save you money, will your time and effort result in a higher sales price?

If you're unsure of your ability to complete a repair job, minor renovation or decor update to professional standards, it is wise to consider the plans for your Painted Desert home in terms of economic benefit.

Weigh Your Options

Sometimes, it makes good sense to invest time, effort and "sweat equity" in order to add appeal to your property. Most homeowners can comfortably tackle the following DIY projects:

  • Landscape Improvements
  • Front Entry Enhancements
  • Minor
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What Paperwork is Needed to Sell Your HomeAnyone who has ever sold a home knows that there are a lot of different steps that go into the process. From cleaning and organizing to finding a real estate agent to partner with, it can be a complex task. One of the sometimes overlooked elements of a home sale has to do with the paperwork that’s involved.

In most cases, much of the contractual pieces will be drawn up by professionals, but having a number of types of paperwork handy can help to expedite the transaction.

The Basics

While it’s not often thought about, there are several important documents that need to be presented during the process of selling a home. Not only do mortgage lenders like to have some of this information, but much of it fulfills legal obligations to prove that

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What to Have When Buying a HomeBuying a home can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially when sorting through pages of potential property listings, and prospective buyers may feel bogged down in questions about the home-buying process. Whether it's the first time or fifth time, in Desert Shores or elsewhere, there are several important steps homebuyers should follow.

Know How Much Home You Can Afford

Deciding on a budget is the first step in home buying. In general, it's recommended to avoid looking at homes that cost more than three times your annual income, stick closer to two times. On average, a mortgage payment should not exceed more than 25 percent of your monthly gross income. However, if there are other high monthly bills that also need to be paid, things like

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What to Know About the Capital Gains TaxUnder the federal tax code, citizens are expected to pay taxes not only on earned wages, but also on money made through investment and other types of financial activity. Until 1997, even money resulting from the profitable sale of a personal home was subject to capital gains tax, although there were some ways to lessen or eliminate the tax burden. There was also a potential exclusion of $125,000, but it involved detailed record-keeping and represented a lifetime limit that applied only to sellers aged 55 and over.

The Tax Exclusion Law of 1997 changed all that. For the past 20 years, for the majority of home sellers, any money realized from a home sale has been exempt from federal capital gains tax. However, if you have lived in a home for 30

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How Buyers Can Choose Between Condos or Single Family HomesWhen it comes time to make your first real estate purchase, does it seem like a condo or a single family home would work better for your particular needs and lifestyle? What about the decision to buy or rent? It’s a hard question to answer because without having experienced both scenarios, it might just leave you guessing. Both housing options have benefits and potential drawbacks when considering Aliante homes, so let’s explore both to get a better idea of what might be the right fit.

Condo Living 101

Individuals who live in a condo will certainly say they love where they live, but as nothing is perfect, there may be a few things about this housing option that leave people wanting more. One of the more obvious benefits of purchasing a condo

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How to Choose Whether to DIY a Move or Hire a Moving CompanyMoving from one home to another is a major undertaking, with the central task being the actual moving of possessions. Moving companies can provide a variety of services, but plenty of people do it themselves. Which option is best depends on the resources available.

Hiring a Moving Company

People hire professional movers for the same reasons they hire any professional: they know what they are doing. Moving a household is about more than just carrying things into a truck. It is about loading the truck so weight does not shift, effectively using space, and protecting fragile items. 

Movers also come with proper tools such as moving pads and hand trucks. They have well-practiced techniques ,and they know how to do the job without injuring

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