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Investment properties in Las Vegas have been a driving force behind the high volume of homes that have sold over the past few years. The private investors who have purchased Las Vegas Residential Properties have stimulated the local economy as they've improved the homes they purchased.

The typical investor in today's market pays cash or at a minimum puts a sizable down payment into the purchase.  Lenders typically require investment properties to have a 20-30% down payment.  Slightly over half the home purchases in Las Vegas have been cash transactions over the past year.  This is a far cry from the investors who used 100% financing to put together a portfolio of properties at the peak of the market.

After purchasing the foreclosed or short sale

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"Where can I find homes for sale in Las Vegas" may sound like an odd question for a real estate agent who has been helping buyers and sellers with their real estate pursuits in Las Vegas since 2003.  Unfortunately, we are going through a constantly changing housing market here in Las Vegas.

At the peak of the market in 2004, the number of homes listed for sale declined to only 2400 at one point.  That was barely a month's supply.  At that point, builders began building a home on every piece of land they had available and buying more land.  By 2008, it was obvious that the market had turned, the number of homes for sale in Las Vegas was at least a year's worth of inventory and we didn't have the influx of six to seven thousand new residents relocating

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Las Vegas parks range from the smaller little grassy areas positioned throughout master-planned communities to larger State and Federal parks where one can go hiking, camping and exploring our desert.  One of the most colorful is also the oldest and largest State Park in Nevada.

The Valley of Fire State Park is only an hour from Las Vegas, located just East of the 15 Freeway on the way to the Lake Mead National Forest at Overton, NV.  Even for those who aren't into outdoor activities like hiking and camping, this park is worth the drive just for the scenery.

The park gets its name from the red sandstone formations and shifting sand dunes that developed during the age of dinosaurs 150 million years ago.  Although, the red sandstones are the

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If you've been following Home Values in Las Vegas Real Estate Market,you may have heard that one of the obstacles we face in helping our sellers get a decent price for their homes is the appraisal.  In today's Las Vegas Review Journal, there was an article regarding how " home values have declined for two years in a row" in Las Vegas.

We don't disagree with this article's statement that property values here have declined in 2010 and in 2011.  However, we do disagree with the appraiser they interviewed who feels that what a buyer is willing to pay for a property does not reflect market value.  As long ago as October 2009, I had written a blog post concerning how appraisals were killing our market.  Now, almost three years later, the situation has not

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Buying your new home is a combination of an emotional and logical process.  Even the most seasoned buyers will frequently forget a few basics if they find a property that gives them that warm, tingly feeling that makes them want to jump right into owning it.  Buying a home in Las Vegas is exciting and buyers may sometimes fall so in love with their new home that they may overlook a few things.  Under any circumstances, there are a few options that homebuyers should be careful of.  My top three are:

1)  Always get a home inspection.  I recommend home inspections to anyone buying a home in Las Vegas and elsewhere.  I recommend a home inspection even with new construction.  Even the best maintained home could have something hidden that the current owners

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Home buyers can find great prices at record low interest rates, but they may find their choices are becoming somewhat limited in Las Vegas and Henderson.  There are currently 8202 single family homes for sale without offers on them in the Las Vegas MLS.  Add another 1450 condos, town homes for sale and 424 condos in the high rise category.  That gives us a total of 10,076 choices for buyers.

Considering that we sold 3965 homes per month over the last year, the current inventory is only two and a half months of homes if no new listings were to come on the market.  However, with fewer bargains to choose from, we saw a drop in the number of homes sold in January.  As of today, the MLS is showing that 3456 properties closed escrow in the first month of

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