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Due Forni Signature Neopolitan Pizza[/caption] Due Forni is more than just a pizza restaurant in Summerlin.  They offer two styles of pizza from their special pizza ovens that heat to a blazing hot 900 degrees.  If you're looking for a New York style pizza, our favorite is Grimaldi's in Boca Park, but we've heard so much about Due Forni in the year since they opened, that we finally had a chance to try them with some of our clients. They offer a Roman crust pizza, that is paper thin.  Our waitress said it is the thickness of a cracker.  Our group opted for the Neopolitan style pizza that has a crust that is both soft and chewy.  Before the pizza we tried some appetizers.  A special for the evening was Roasted Beet Salad.  It was nicely presented and

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The downtown farmer's market that we mentioned in our blog earlier this year, has now officially opened.  Located in the old bus depot at 300 N. Casino Center, this is an indoor market which will be great as we get into summer.  It's off to a promising start with publications like the Las Vegas Weekly wondering if it could be "Las Vegas' Embarcadero?"    The location is adjacent to the Mob Museum, which on our visit had a full parking lot of visitors.  And it's next to the old City Hall, which is soon to be home base for Zappos. We enjoy farmer's markets and tend to choose which one we visit based on which day we have time.  After our visit to the Downtown Farmer's Market, we're going to be hoping for free time on Friday mornings.  Not only is this one

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Mount Charleston Ski Resort is a nice little day trip for those of us who live in Vegas. From the airport/Strip it's about a 45 minute drive. From the Northwest part of town it's only 20 minutes. Amazing what a difference 20 minutes and a few thousand feet in elevation can make. We decided to take a drive up yesterday so our dogs could play in the snow that had been dumped on the mountain over last week-end. It was 70 degrees on our car's thermometer when we left Vegas, at Mt. Charleston it was sunny and 50 degrees. And, yes, there was snow. It was beginning to melt and you could get sprinkled if you walked under a building or tree but perfect weather for snow. Didn't even need our jackets.

According to Wikipedia, Las Vegas is 2030 feet above sea

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Le Thai has been receiving a lot of publicity over the past several months as a hip, trendy place for the downtown crowd.  I have to admit we were a little skeptical about the food but on our recent visit, they delivered on all counts.  Starting with the location.  While they're on Fremont Street, they're just East of the Fremont Street Experience, which means you can find metered parking around the corner and don't have to deal with the tourist crowds.  Still close enough to go for a walk thru the Fremont Experience if you want to see the current video after dinner, but easy to get in and out if you're only going for Thai food.

We went for a late lunch with a friend who was visiting from Vancouver.  I would suggest avoiding the lunch hour rush,

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The Smith Center for the Performing Arts has wasted no time in launching their 2012 Concert Series.  The first concert was the star studded Gala opening which we reviewed earlier this week.  Last night we had the opportunity to see Michael Feinstein and his orchestra performing in the 2050 seat Reynolds Hall. On Sunday, we had been told the performance was SOLD OUT, but just for curiosity, we checked back on Tuesday and yes, there were two tickets available in the balcony section.  Would have preferred a little closer, but how the acoustics work in the balcony section is a good test of any major center for the performing arts.  As it turns out, there were more empty seats last night than we expected having been told it was sold out on Sunday.  I would

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Dancers from NV Ballet

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts has finally been completed and we were among the lucky ones who managed to get tickets to last night's opening gala which raised $470 million for the center.  It might seem odd that Las Vegas is making such a big fuss about a new performing arts center when we have so many shows and entertainment options available at the casino showrooms throughout the year.  But for those of us who moved here from cities like San Francisco, L.A., etc., where seeing a broadway play or hearing classical or jazz music performed live was routine, having this new center means we don't have to miss the culture we so enjoyed in our previous hometowns.

The Center itself is beautiful.  We'll cover more

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For almost a decade, the Las Vegas Housing Market has led the rest of the nation.  First, in the peak of the market years of 2004 and 2005, home prices in Las Vegas were going through the roof.  As the population of Las Vegas was growing during those peak years, investors came running in to grab their piece of the Las Vegas housing market, driving prices higher and higher.  Unfortunately, the fever spread to other markets like Florida where prices also escalated.

By 2007, the Las Vegas Housing Market had taken the lead in the other direction with slumping sales and growing foreclosures.  Again, the fever spread to other areas.  Now, we are a good five to six years into the collapse of the housing bubble and signs are popping up that the worst is behind

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New homes  for sale in Las Vegas are making the foreclosures and short sales look like  so-so deals in comparison to what you can get in new construction.  While 2011 was a record low year for new construction homes in Las Vegas, but with declining inventory of foreclosures in the MLS, and with homebuyers who are growing weary of the bidding wars and hurry up and wait mentality required for short sales, we predict this will be the year of the New Home Construction at least stabilizing if not showing signs of a rebound. 

New Homebuilders are beginning to pull permits and move forward with new communities.  We expect that the number of new construction homes that are sold this year will surprass last year's dismal numbers partially because the new home

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China Town Las Vegas is relatively new in comparison to the famed China Town in San Francisco, but it is growing and for us foodies, that's a good thing.  For the past several months, we've been hearing about a place on Jones at the edge of China Town in Las Vegas that is serving up some great, authentic Chinese food.  We finally had a chance to stop in for a late lunch and China Mama lived up to all the hype.

We started with the "Steamed Pork Buns", also referred to as "Soup Dumplings" because they're stuffed with ground pork and a little soup stock.  I'm a fairly skilled cook and have made my own Sui Mai, Fried Won Tons and other dim sum items before.  I cannot imagine how they manage to get the soup stock inside these delicate little won

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