September 2013

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You may be wondering why in the world a Real Estate agent is writing a blog post about ice cream and gelato... It isn't unusual for folks to ask us for recommendations - restaurants, a car wash, health food store, etc.  One of our clients wanted to know where they could take the kids for some old fashioned ice cream.  The sort of thing you would love going out for on a still hot Summer evening.

When it comes to frozen deserts, the options in Vegas are pretty darned good.  On the Strip, especially, you have tons of choices, but we were asked to find the real old fashioned thing.  It's easy to go to Wynn,  Serendipity or the Gelato stand in the Square at Venetian for an incredible desert.  No, we had to explore the casual in the neighborhood spots where

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One of the first choices you have to make when moving to any town is which neighborhood suits your lifestyle?  And our valley has lots of great options to complicate this choice.  The first step is deciding what type of home you want.  A high rise condo?  A single family home?  Maybe a town home?  Once you've decided what type of home you want, the next step is finding the part of town that you prefer.

An excellent way to start investigating the neighborhood options is to spend a couple of weeks staying in various parts of town.  Yes, you can stay on the Strip if you're looking to buy a high rise condo or something near the Strip.  If you're looking for something more suburban, try staying at one of the hotels in the neighborhood.  Staying a few nights

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One of the most interesting stats I've seen about our local housing market has to do with the per centage of homeownership.  Nevada is now in the bottom five for homeownership rates in the Country.  We're ranking with super expensive markets like NY, California, Washington D.C. and Hawaii.  It's rather strange bedfellows since those areas are accustomed to expensive housing markets.  Nevada is the only affordable market to make the bottom five.  It's fairly easy to blame this on the large number of homeowners who went through short sales and foreclosures.  It will be interesting to see how the homeownership rate picks up as the former owners get their credit straightened out and re-enter the housing market.  For the full article, click here.


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The high rise market continues to absorb inventory.  The Martin just announced that it has now sold 80% of the building's units. Owners are now in charge of the Homeowner's Association and with the majority of the residences being purchased with cash and/or a minimum of 10% down when financed, we feel this building is on strong ground financially.

Veer Towers is also selling quickly.  Sales Broker, Jim Navarro was interviewed by local NBC News and reported that Veer Towers has sold 72 condos from Feb. 2013 through the end of July 2013.  Considering the property only sold 11 units in all of 2012, this is quite impressive.  Good news for owners at Veer Towers - a Judge has granted MGM's request to demolish the Harmon Hotel.  While the Harmon would have

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