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Queensridge is one of our most exclusive communities. The horse sculptures and streets lined with rose bushes have become a trademark for this neighborhood. Homes include semi-customs built by Toll Brothers between 1998 and 2003. Custom estate homes are located behind a second gate.

Badlands golf course is located in the center of Queensridge. The course divides Queensridge into North and South.  The Northern part of the community is entered off Alta and was the final phase of construction. The Southern part of Queensridge is entered off Charleston and includes a club house with tennis courts and a community pool. In Queensridge, you will find streets lined with pine trees and rose bushes.  The feel is more of an English village than desert.

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What to expect when living in the 24/7 town.

1) You will need a guest room.

Folks who move to Vegas find that long lost Aunt Grace and distant Cousin Joe miss them so much they just have to come for a visit. Add one to the number of bedrooms you thought you needed.   The extra room doesn't have to be too big. Don't make it too comfortable or they might never leave.

2) This is the real "City that never sleeps".

You can go to dinner, a show, stop into a lounge for music afterwards.  Maybe play a little.  Next thing you know you're in line at the Valet as the sun comes up.

It isn't only the Casinos that are open all night.  You'll find fast food restaurants stay open later. There's a 24 hour manicure/pedicure shop close to the Hard Rock.  Most

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Compared to our friends to the North and Northeast, we've had a mild Winter in the desert.  And in Las Vegas, we've gone straight from celebrating New Year's Eve to Celebrating New Year's.  Chinese New Year and the year of the horse started on Jan. 31st and continues through Valentine's Day.  If you haven't had a chance to visit the Bellagio's Conservatory, the Venetian/Palazzo's Atrium or Chinatown, you still have time to enjoy the festivities.

In other news, those who are dreaming of retiring to Vegas now have MoneyJournal.com's approval.  Las Vegas is number one on their list of best places to retire. We've believed this for years.  Nice to see the numbers agree with us.

Homes for Sale:  We currently have 6538 single family homes listed without

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When looking at the Las Vegas High Rise condo buildings we follow, the MLS has 415 condos listed for sale.  That's down considerably from the 441 units that were available when we started the year.

In January, we sold 32 condos.  On average we sold 51.5 high rise condos per month over the past year.  The holidays likely account for part of the drop but the higher prices are also seeing a decline in the number of investors who are picking up rental properties.   If the sales volume picks up as we enter the Spring selling season, and we return to an average of 51 units sold per month, the current inventory would only be an 8 month supply.  If it continues at 32 units per month, we're back to a one year supply of condos.

Best news for owners near the

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There is a bit of a rivalry between Summerlin Luxury Homes for Sale and the luxury home communities in Henderson and elsewhere in Las Vegas.  Based on the number of $1 Million plus homes sold over the past year, Summerlin seems to be winning the contest.

For homes that SOLD between $1M and $1.5M, Summerlin had 59 closings.  Henderson trailed with 38 in this price bracket.  The rest of Las Vegas came in with 32, including 4 in Queensridge.

Summerlin also had the highest number of homes that sold for more than $1.5M with 46, followed by 26 in rival Henderson, 37 in the rest of Las Vegas.  Queensridge, which is technically not part of Summerlin accounted for 7 of the "Las Vegas" closings.

While Queensridge isn't part of Summerlin, the location is

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