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Sell Your HomeResidential Real estate Investments are still regarded as one of the best vehicles to grow personal net worth.  Today's interest rates are at historical lows.  

If you can afford to buy your new home without selling the current home, renting may produce a better long term result than selling.  This is especially true if you are in an area where home values are expected to appreciate over the next several years.

I asked  Jake Durtschi, the owner of Jacob Grant Property Management  for advice.  This was his response -

Thank you for reaching out!  These are a few questions I would ask --myself if I was considering renting vs selling.

  • Acting like a homeowner includes connecting emotionally with your home:
    -making improvements to maximize
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You found your home and arrived at an agreeable price.  You had an inspector verify that everything is in good working order.  The sellers did the repairs that the inspector suggested.  The loan is "clear to close".  You're scheduled to go sign the final papers.  

Do you really have to take time to do a final walk thru?  In a word - YES! 

Final Walk Through TipsThe final walk through is your last chance to make sure everything has been left as agreed.  And it is just that, a walk through. It is not a completely new inspection.  It isn't the time to start nit-picking that the sellers should replace the stained carpet.  You should negotiate repairs for anything obvious when making your offer.  If the inspection reveals problems, you should ask for repairs at the time of the

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Las Vegas Homes For Sale

Las Vegas Real Estate NewsWe've started 2015 with 7436 single family homes listed for sale in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.  We have an additional 2385 condos, high rise condos and townhomes listed.  The total of 9821 homes for sale is a slight drop from the 10511 that was available in early December.  In early November we had 10702 options available.  We were at 10530 in early October.  At this same time in 2014 we only had 9316 homes listed for sale.  

Now that the holidays have passed, we should see more homes being listed for sale.  We are starting to see the usual studies about what to expect for the real estate market in 2015.  The days of worrying about an on-slaught of foreclosures seem to be fading.  National Association of Realtors

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We have 451 high rise condos listed for sale in our top buildings.  We sold 55 high rise condos in December.  This was an improvement over the 39 sold in November.  More important, it's a big improvement over the 40 units we sold in December 2013.  There are signs the high rise market is showing a gradual improvement.

Las Vegas High Rise Condos For Sale

Las Vegas High Rise Condos Out of the current listings five are short sales.  There are no foreclosures available in the top high rise buildings as of today.  Bargain hunters looking for that cheap, under $200K only have 33 options.  All but one of them are studio units at MGM Signature and Palms Place.  The only 1 bedroom condo in a residential tower is unit 309 at Allure.  The one bedroom, one bath condo is 999 sf for

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The good news for luxury home buyers and sellers is the real estate market continues to show signs of recovery.  Experts are
Time For A Move Up Homepredicting that First Time Home Buyers will not only return to the market in 2015 but will be a driving force in the market.  Why does this matter to the luxury home market?  Sellers in the entry level price ranges tend to use their profits to buy a move up home. As they move up to the mid-level price range, many of those sellers will move up to luxury. 

Reports over the past year have talked about how the luxury market is thriving.  Bloomberg covered the thriving luxury market in May 2014. In 2015, we see the luxury home market as an area that offers good values in some regional markets.  

Buying a Luxury Home in 2015


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