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Memorial Day week-end is the start of the Summer travel and vacation season for most families.  Unfortunately, it isn't only your neighbor who may have a suspicion you're out of town.  A little planning will ensure that your home is safe while you're away.  Here are some tips to prep your home for your vacation.  We've included some extra tips to keep in mind if your home will be for sale while you travel.

Is Your Security System Up To Date?

Luxury Homes with Smart Home TechnologyIf your security system relies on telephone lines, it may be time for an upgrade.  The latest security systems are wireless and not as vulnerable to simply cutting wires.  Today's systems include video cameras, motion detectors and sensors that can detect breaking glass.  

Advertise your security system.

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Spring buying season and warm sunny days have home buyers dreaming of pool homes.  Homeowners question how much the pool adds to their home's value.  Buyers question whether it will be good for their resale.

Does a Pool Add To My Home's Value?

Pool Homes For Sale in Las VegasHow much value a pool adds is one of the most common questions.  In some parts of the Country, a pool can take away from resale value.  If your climate only allows 2-3 months to enjoy the pool, you should ask your local Realtor how it affects value.  That isn't the case in the Southwest.  Our warm sunny days make it possible to use a pool more than in most other parts of the Country.  From San Diego to Santa Barbara to Phoenix and Las Vegas, pool homes are in demand.  

How much an appraiser will allow for a

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Las Vegas Homes For Sale

We have 7268 single family homes listed for sale.  Buyers who are looking for condos, townhomes and high rise condos have 2483 options.  A total of 9751 homes are in the MLS.  Last month there were 9714 and in February there were 9805 homes for sale.

In May of 2014 we had 8717 homes listed for sale.  Today's total is just over a thousand more than was available a year ago.  

Homes Sold in April 2015

Las Vegas Real Estate - Homes For SaleWe sold 2652 Single Family homes in April, plus 617 condos and town homes.  We recorded a total of 3269 homes sold in April.  That's a slight increase over 3134 homes sold in April 2014.  It's only 7 more homes than the 3262 homes we sold in March 2015.

At the current rate of sales, the homes listed for sale now would be

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Buyers in the Las Vegas high rise market have 474 condos available in our top high rise buildings.  That's a nice decline from the 505 listed for sale last month and the 516 the month before.  We sold 58 high rise condos in April.  That's a drop from the 78 sold in March but is higher than the 45.5/month we've averaged over the past year.  

Las Vegas High Rise Condos For Sale

Las Vegas High Rise Condos For SaleNine of the condos currently listed for sale are short sales.  Five are foreclosures.  The remaining 459 condos are traditional sales.

High Rise Bargains priced at $200/sf or less still exist.  This month we have five bargains available.  Three of those are at Allure and two are at Turnberry Place.  The lowest price per square foot is unit 3303 in Turnberry Place Tower 2.

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