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Selling a Home With ChildrenSelling a home is always a challenge, but this is even more true when children are in the home. If you have small children or a newborn, you're already intimately familiar with just how much "stuff" can be generated — and how quickly it can become scattered about the house.

While that's not normally an issue, dealing with all clothes, toys and games can be a major hassle when you're trying to prepare your home for buyer showings. Add to that the possibility of a surprise guest right before nap time or in the middle of dinner, and you've got a lot to juggle.

Selling your home with children is tricky - and can prove stressful at times. Try these tips for staging your home for a quick clean-up and exit, and you'll be sure to sell it in no time.

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Home Improvements to Avoid When Selling a Home While there are certain repairs you should make in order to increase the value of your home and enhance its curb appeal, there are several home improvements that you should skip. In most cases, these home improvements won't increase the value of your home and may even make it more difficult to sell.

But remember no two houses are alike. When considering any major changes to your home before putting it up for sale, always consult with your real estate professional!

Converting a Garage

If you own a smaller home with an attached garage, resist the urge to convert the garage into a family room or set of bedrooms.

While converting the garage will give your home more usable family space and increase the square footage of your home, it will

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Should You Hire a "Flat Fee" Real Estate Service?

Real Estate CommissionsYour home is one of your most significant assets.  When it’s time to sell your house, the  real estate commissions can seem huge.  At the same time, not hiring a competent Realtor can be an expensive mistake.

In today’s market we’re beginning to see a wider variety of commission structures.  These include “For Sale by Owner”, “Flat Fee” and “Limited ServiceReal Estate Brokerages.  Some homeowners occasionally succeed with these sales techniques.  Others find their homes don’t get sold or if they do, they go for a lower price.

Some Results From Hiring a Discount Brokerage

My experience with sellers who hired the “Flat Fee” agent found limited results at best.  You don’t get the top

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HOA Special Assessments A homeowner's association (HOA) must assess fees on a regular basis to cover its responsibilities. When you purchase a home, condo, or townhome within a community with an HOA, the association assumes certain responsibilities within the community.  

While HOA dues vary from community to community, the HOA's obligations generally include care and upkeep of common areas, landscaping, and amenities such as a pool, tennis courts, or a fitness center. Depending on the specifications of the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) of your HOA, the association may be responsible for additional building maintenance like roofing and windows.  

An HOA must ensure that they budget for daily expenses and save for future expenditures.  If an

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