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Toy Storage for Home Selling Even if you are not considering selling your home, the odds are good that, if you have young children, your house has been invaded by toys, games, puzzles and dolls.

These playthings have a habit of spreading themselves out and making themselves at home in what was once your quiet, organized living room. If you want to show your house, it can be a headache to constantly be picking up messes before your guests arrive.

Reclaim some adult space and get your home for-sale-ready or company-ready with these toy organization tips.  

Choose Toy Friendly Furniture

A toy chest is a classic choice of furniture that works best to hold large collections of similar materials. Add dividers to create separate compartments for building blocks, toy

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Tips for Selling a Custom Home

Guest Blog by Alexis Craig, Top Real Estate Agent and Blogger in Lansing, MI  

Getting a custom-home built can be an exciting experience.

When my grandma retired, she built a beautiful custom-home on a small, private lake. She was able to choose every aspect of the house. She decided on the layout, number of bedrooms, and everything that went into the house — as long as it was compliant with the homeowner’s association (HOA) she was a part of.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having a custom-built home, then you know how easy it is to get swept off your feet by the excitement of designing the kitchen how you want it, a custom built shower and bathroom, or a beautiful and complete master bedroom.

Traditional Custom HomeBut a lot of

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Mortgage Calculations Once you sign the paperwork and move into your new home - if you did not pay cash - you will soon have to make that first mortgage payment.

Once you have that mortgage statement in your hand, you might ask, should I make the minimum suggested payment? Or should I try and pay down the mortgage faster?

This guide shows you how to approach paying off your mortgage, including ways to pay down the principal faster and the reasons you may want to prioritize paying other debts first. Before making any decisions, you may want to speak with a financial consultant to discover the options you have and see what decision may fit your specific situation.

Do Mortgage Interest Rates Affect Payment Options?

The interest rate homeowners pay for a

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Undeveloped Land For Sale Vacant land, sometimes called raw or undeveloped land, can be a great investment, but as any vacant land owner can attest - it can be more difficult to sell than a standard residential home or other type of existing structure.

Because it is undeveloped, with few or any improvements of any type, buyers can have difficulty envisioning the potential value of the property, especially when there is a plentiful supply of existing homes or businesses competing against it in the local real estate market. 

If you own a parcel of undeveloped land that you would like to sell, the following tips can help you market it more efficiently, avoid potential problems and make the sale as profitable as possible. 

Determine Your Potential Market

The first

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