November 2016

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Home Buying Advice Buying a home is a challenging project for first-time home buyers. Even those who have previously bought homes have much to consider in an ever-changing real estate market, so everyone is looking for answers.

Many home buyers find it helpful to check out current real estate insights even before reaching out to a real estate professional or initiating their house hunting mission. Real estate seminars can make a big difference on the learning curve.

Why Attend a Real Estate Seminar?

Nobody wants to make a mistake when buying a new home, so homebuyers have a great incentive to learn as much as possible about the process from the outset. Prospective homeowners need to think about such a broad range of factors (paperwork, fees, all the parties

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Tiny House Transition It seems that the tiny house trend has taken over the home improvement channels, and it's not hard to understand why. 

There's something uniquely freeing about being able to give up most of your belongings and simplify your life.

Tiny houses offer the promise of starting over with only the essentials, and many people dream of being able to hitch their houses to a trailer and move whenever they wish. For others, a tiny house offers the chance to avoid 30 years of mortgage debt and instead spend their resources on traveling or pursuing another life-long dream.

On the surface, it would seem easy to buy a tiny house, but simplifying your life this way can actually be quite complicated. Here's what you need to consider before downsizing to a

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Home Maintenance Before Selling Your home is beautifully staged, and you believe you're just about ready to sell. What else could you be missing? There are many aspects of a home that sellers might overlook, but potential buyers won't.

From the windows to the woodwork, make sure these six parts of your home are top-notch, to get the buyers beating a path to your door.

1. Windows

You might not have thought about the condition of your windows as you prepared to sell. After all, if the windows are clean and in good repair, you might not see any reason to replace them. However, bad windows are easy to spot, and many home buyers know that cheap or inefficient windows will cost them more in heating and cooling over time.

Have your windows cleaned at least weekly while you

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Monthly Bills When You Own a Home Buying a home is one of life's major investments. As with any investment, weighing the pros and cons is crucial. Often times, home buyers only consider things like location, square footage, home style, and the list price. However, the real cost of a home extends beyond its selling price.

Before purchasing that dream home, it's essential to see the whole picture — the real cost of home ownership.

Property Taxes

Based on the value of the home, property taxes vary by state, county, and city. In nearly all cases, the more expensive a home is, the higher the property taxes. Typically, the current homeowner's property tax amount might be found on the homes MLS listing sheet - if it isn't, make sure to ask your real estate agent what the current

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