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Asking About Issues in Home When you buy a home you trust the sellers to be open and honest about what they are offering for sale. In fact, there are certain things the law generally requires them to disclose. Those things can vary from state to state, so working with a real estate agent to ensure the purchase of a safe, quality home is important.

But there are still some things you will want to ask about potential homes. Investigating those areas of concern can help determine whether the home is really a good buy, or if there are issues you won't want to deal with.

1) How Much are the Bills?

The bills for water, gas, electricity, and other necessities may be much higher or lower than would be expected for the size of the home. While not all utility companies will

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Selling Older Home Successfully Much has been written about the millennial home buyer and their effect on the real estate market. Born in the period from 1982 through the year 2000, millennial numbers are estimated to exceed 83 million strong, making them a larger demographic than even the baby boomers whose numbers total just over 75 million people.

Because of size, the millennial segment of the population has tremendous buying power and influence. Homeowners who want to sell their homes know that attracting the attention of the millennial buyer can be beneficial in getting their home sold. Those who own an older home, however, may be worried about their home’s ability to attract this market segment and what they can do to maximize their chances for a successful sale. In

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Introducing Contemporary Luxury with Spectacular Views at 1374 Opal Valley Dr., Henderson, NV  89052

Come home to million dollar views of golf, water, mountains and Strip in this ultra modern luxury home. For Sale Luxury Home With Strip ViewsExcellent floor plan includes open great room with wall of glass doors to maximize the views.  You’ll find floor to ceiling windows throughout this beautiful home.


The modern kitchen features granite/quartz counters.  It offers two dishwashers, a warming drawer and upgraded Wolf stove and vent.  


Wine cooler and large island add to the convenience of this kitchen.  Enjoy pleasant evenings cooking on the gourmet grill by the pool.  Large walk in pantry with an extra wine cooler.


Formal dining room and wet bar make this home

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Organizing Home for Photos You’ve decided to put your home on the market. Given the protracted transaction process that often accompanies home selling, this is a huge step. If you’ve been in your home for quite some time, it’s likely that you’ve amassed a personalized living space.

Red walls? Wallpaper? Shelves full of tchotchkes? They symbolize an emotional investment in your personal space. Should you ditch them when it comes time to show the house? The statistics say YES, you should.

According to a 2016 Real Estate Staging Association study, staged homes averaged only 23 days on the market before they were sold. However, you might be thinking “but, of course, they’re going to say that, they’re a ‘staging association’!” The National Realtor’s Association follows up

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Selling Home After Moving In A home is generally bought with the intention of living there for a long period of time, but sometimes circumstances arise that require selling that home sooner than would have been planned.

Personal issues, job changes, illness, and other matters can all factor into whether the decision is made to sell a home, and a large part of that decision is often financially based. Often times, a recent buyer of a home may need to sell a home soon after purchasing the home. Since money was just paid for a down payment and closing costs, along with potential upgrades that may have been done to the home, selling soon could mean taking a loss. Fortunately, there are some ways that loss can be minimized.

Use the Same Agent

If the real estate agent who

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