April 2017

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Housing Market for Sellers Homeowners in some areas of the country planning to sell in 2017 may find themselves worrying about something potentially worse than finding the right buyer for the home they are selling. In fact, real estate market trend reports are currently indicating that in many areas of the country, home sellers should be able to find a buyer for their home with relative ease.

Unfortunately, these same trends show that the more pressing problem many of these sellers will face is likely to revolve around finding their next home in a market where prices rise as inventories continue to shrink. Sellers who take time to consider their situation and come up with a viable plan will fare better during as these types of trends continue.  

Option One: Sell as

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How to Take Advantage of Technology When Selling a Home Prior to the Internet, a real estate agent's effectiveness hinged on their ability to make and maintain relationships with other agents, clients, and community members. While these relationships are still important, the agent's ability to harness the power of technology has become increasingly important. From social media to 3-D virtual tours, the Internet is selling homes at a greater rate than ever before.

Give Them a (Virtual) Tour

Given the nature of the Internet, potential buyers from any part of the world can see a home online. How better to invite them through the front door than a virtual tour? Pairing a high-quality 360 camera with a mapping program like Matterport creates an immersive 3-D experience. Creating a video is as simple

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questions to remember when interviewing real estate agents Home buying can be an arduous process with many variables and pit-falls. Because of that, most buyers choose to work with an agent in order to ensure that they find the right home, represent their interests, and make certain that the legal aspects of the transaction are handled correctly. Before hiring a real estate agent, what should a buyer ask?

Key Questions to Ask When Vetting an Agent

Seven out of ten buyers contract with the first agent they talk to about home buying. Buyers find these agents online or through recommendations from family and friends. Buyers, especially those new to the home-buying process or those searching for a new agent, should interview a few agents from different companies to find an agent who is the right fit for

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kitchen renovations to help sell As a place where families come together to cook and eat, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Perhaps this is why buyers scrutinize the kitchen when looking at potential properties. Many home buyers seek spacious kitchens offering energy efficiency, proper lighting, up-to-date appliances and overall attractiveness. Emphasizing these features in your kitchen can help your home sell and increase your property value. If you're a homeowner thinking about selling your home in the next few years or months, one of the ways that you can prepare your home to sell is by upgrading the kitchen. Picking the right projects is important.

Re-finish the Cabinets

Newly refinished cabinets can give the kitchen a fresh new look without requiring a giant

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