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The Importance of Location Within a NeighborhoodWhen looking at a neighborhood, it is important to consider more than the look of the other houses and access to amenities. With these tips, buyers can take an analytical eye to an area’s layout and how it might affect the way you live in it.

Where Are the Roads?

Most people have probably been in a number of shopping or business complexes that looked like they had been designed by a small child. Getting into a lot is a hassle, and driving out requires making an unprotected turn on a six-lane road. Though most time in the neighborhood will be spent at home, consider the impact that getting into and out of the neighborhood will play in overall satisfaction. Invest the time to learn the major cross streets for the neighborhood, and try out all

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Maintaining the HVAC System in Summer for Home Selling When buyers come to see your home, one of the first things they’ll notice is whether or not they feel comfortable after walking into your house. Your HVAC system and air conditioner will play a big role in the level of comfort that potential buyers feel. Keeping your A/C working properly when selling a house in the summer will help you market your home to potential buyers. 

Clean Out and Around the Condenser

Your home’s air conditioning system requires good air flow in order to move air through the home, and expel the hot air. Weeds and debris around the the condenser or dirt inside the condenser will force your air conditioner to work harder than necessary in order to cool your home. In some cases, this could even result in poor

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Staging an Older Home to Compete with New Models For those who own and enjoy living in an older home, it can be disappointing to discover that many buyers, especially younger ones, often shy away from these stately beauties. Even when an older home offers features that are hard to find in newer construction, such as large pantries, plenty of storage space and large rooms with high ceilings, it can still lose out to newer homes that offer more open floor plans or more light. Owners of older homes who want to help their homes compete more effectively with newer construction homes can use the following tips to help level the playing field and score the sale!

Conduct a Pre-Inspection to Find Lurking Issues

Buyers who love the thought of living in an older home but hesitate to purchase one due

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Tips for Buying a Desert Home A desert can be a harsh place, with scorching hot summers and freezing cold winters. The lack of water and wild temperature extremes can make home desert ownership complicated. Home buyers seeking desert property will need to know what building materials fare best in the desert, what kind of landscaping is easiest to maintain and which homes are most efficient.

Stucco Exteriors, Tile Roof

Wooden homes may be common in other parts of the country, but for a variety of reasons, many of the best desert homes are made of stucco or adobe. Stucco and adobe have many advantages over wood. Adobe’s thermal mass heats up and cools down slowly. This characteristic helps prevent temperature swings in the house and can help the homeowner save money on

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