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When to Stop RentingShould you buy a home or keep renting? Across the nation, people of all ages struggle with these questions. When it comes to buying versus renting, multiple costs must be compared and considered. The three types of costs that should be compared when considering whether to buy or rent are the money needed upfront, the ongoing or recurring costs, and random expenses that come up.

Home Buying: Upfront Costs

The most obvious upfront cost when buying a home is the down payment. Bankrate reports that on average, mortgage lenders require at least a down payment of 3 percent of the home's price. However, "FHA loans (mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration) require a down payment of at least 3.5 percent."

Before home shopping, it's

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Mortgage Requirements for Home BuyersWhen you apply for a mortgage, pre-approval each lender is going to ask you for a lot of information. Some of it may seem superfluous, but it makes more sense when you consider the amount of money you may receive. Here's what they need, and what they plan to do with it.

Stable Employment History

Before anyone is willing to hand buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds to purchase a home, they want to be reasonably certain that the prospective buyer will be able to bring in the income necessary to make the monthly mortgage payment, as well as all other monthly expenses. It starts with a solid job history. Buyers can prove this by verifying consistent employment for the past several years. Be prepared to explain any gaps in employment,

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An Overview Guide of the Home Inspection ProcessGetting a home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. Finding the right inspector, asking questions during the inspection and following up on problems that the inspector identifies can help new home owners get the right home for their needs with the peace of mind knowing that there aren't any huge potential risks lurking unseen in the home.

Find a Good Home Inspector

A real estate agent can recommend a home inspector, or one can be sought out by the buyer. Either way, an experienced home inspector should have an established business and references. Consider two or three home inspectors in your area before settling on one. Check the references provided and ask questions such as:

  • Were you satisfied with the job the
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How to Sell a Home with a Septic SystemThere is a lot of negative imagery attached to septic systems, particularly in the minds of buyers who have never interacted with one. As such, it will take some extra work to convince such people that septic tanks are no more troublesome than any other major home system.

Educate Potential Buyers about Septic Systems

People are less afraid of things when they understand them. Septic systems are seen as backwards technology used only in remote countrysides. In fact, septic system technology is always advancing, and they are used in rural areas (among other places) solely because municipal sewer systems do not extend that far.

Educating buyers about the process can also allay fears. Some have been left with the impression household sewage

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