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How to Sell a Home QuicklyWhen it comes to selling a home, it’s a process that every homeowner hopes goes quickly. Some homes can sell in a matter of hours, while others could take years before an offer is accepted. Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take to help their home sell as quickly as possible. Here are some of them.

1.  Price It Right!

Getting the price wrong is one of the easiest ways for a homeseller to shoot themselves in the foot.  The old idea that you should price higher to leave room for negotiation doesn't work in today's world.  It's too easy for buyers to find out how much neighboring houses sold for.  When they see that your home is over-priced, they will sit and wait for you to become more realistic.  It's best to price your home

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Tasks to Finish Before Moving Into a New HomeThe new house is bought. The old house is sold. All that is left is to move in. However, there are a few more things to keep track of to make sure the move goes smoothly and life in a new home goes as well as everyone hopes.

Learn About the New Area

Moving can be exhausting, and finding oneself in a strange new place only accentuates the experience. Find out about the area before the move by locating amenities such as grocery stores, convenience stores, parks, restaurants and the local nightlife. 

Transfer Paperwork and Services

There are a lot of things at the old home which will need to be arranged again at the new. Phone and internet connections are the most common service. Make sure old accounts are terminated and new ones

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How Smart Technology Can Help Sell Your HomeThere are a lot of ways to make a home stand out from the crowd, and when it's for sale that's a good thing. Sellers want their home to get noticed, so they can get it sold and move on to what comes next. New paint and flooring add value, and making sure the home is clean and staged can go a long way, as well. But there is more to the story when a home really needs to get noticed. Especially in a competitive market, homes have to have that extra something that makes buyers want to see them.

Getting the Edge in Home Selling

Smart technology can give sellers the edge, because it offers something to buyers that they can't get in other homes in the area.  A few years ago, smart technology was found primarily in expensive luxury homes.  Now, even

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All About FHA Loans for Home BuyersEstablished by the passage of the National Housing Act in 1934, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has helped millions of Americans become homeowners and continues to be one of the most popular loan options today. Although commonly called FHA loans, these mortgages are actually issued by approved banks and lenders and only guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. The following guide is designed to answer basic questions about the FHA home loan program and help those interested in purchasing a home decide if it is the right option for their needs. 

Is the FHA loan program restricted to first-time homebuyers or low-income applicants? 

The FHA loan program is available to all borrowers who meet the basic requirements set by the

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USDA Rural Loans and How to Use Them to Buy a HomeA USDA loan is a program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that is designed to assist income-eligible persons in obtaining a home in select rural areas. Targeting individuals who fall within low and moderate income brackets, the loans must be used for applicants as their personal and primary residence for the duration of the loan. Those people who are found eligible for the program can rehabilitate, build, relocate or improve on a dwelling that is located within a rural area that is deemed eligible by its guidelines.

Three Types of USDA Home Loan Programs

  • Direct Loans are issued by the USDA itself and are aimed at those households with low or very low incomes. The income thresholds vary by both family size and region. 
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Color Schemes for the Exterior of Your HomeThe colors of a house can be incredibly impactful for buyers considering if it meets their stylistic aesthetic, and, as such, the color scheme of a house should be appropriate for its architectural style and allow it to be comfortable in its community. Newly painted and updated exterior staging can decrease a home's time on the market and help it compete with other homes. Even if you live in a competitive market like Henderson, updating paint can give your home a clean, polished look that appeals to buyers. When painting the exterior of your home, here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Contrasting colors add interest, but balance is important;
  • Be guided by your neighborhood and by natural surroundings;
  • Coordinate the total palette:
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