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How to Choose Whether to DIY a Move or Hire a Moving CompanyMoving from one home to another is a major undertaking, with the central task being the actual moving of possessions. Moving companies can provide a variety of services, but plenty of people do it themselves. Which option is best depends on the resources available.

Hiring a Moving Company

People hire professional movers for the same reasons they hire any professional: they know what they are doing. Moving a household is about more than just carrying things into a truck. It is about loading the truck so weight does not shift, effectively using space, and protecting fragile items. 

Movers also come with proper tools such as moving pads and hand trucks. They have well-practiced techniques ,and they know how to do the job without injuring

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How to Improve Home Seller Curb Appeal on a BudgetCurb appeal can help sell your home when the time comes. For homeowners on a budget, even keeping up with basic maintenance and making your lawn look extra trim is important. Below are some of the best tips for a homeowner who would like to make their home stand out without investing a lot of money.

Keep the Grass Trim and Healthy

Home buyers appreciate trim grass, so cutting your grass with frequency is a good way to make your home look beautiful and attractive. In addition to cutting the grass regularly, it's also a good idea to water every other day during the growing season, and fertilize either in the spring or the fall.

Weeds can make the lawn look shabby, but homeowners can eliminate this problem in their Vistas home by pulling the

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What to Know About the 203k Fixer Upper Home LoanAlthough it's not the kind of loan that is often in the headlines, a 203k loan is a valuable tool. It has the potential to transform a "hard to sell" or "fixer upper" property into a desirable one and offers a source of funds for anyone who can see the potential in a house that requires immediate improvements.

But it is not available to investors. Designed to make home renovation options available to owner/occupants, this unique mortgage loan is also available to non-profit organizations. Although it can be used solely for home improvements, it is often bundled with standard mortgage funding, with maximum regional loan limits set by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). The limitations are usually sufficient, but not meant for extravagant

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Selling a Fixer Upper and How to Do ItWhen it comes to selling a home, not everyone has the time or funds to make sure every part of it is the pinnacle of perfection before it goes up on the market. Instead, many homeowners will instead opt to sell it as a fixer-upper, a home with obvious flaws that the new owner will fix after it’s purchased. 

Hire a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a homeowners best friend, and when it comes to trying to sell a fixer-upper, they can be an invaluable asset. An agent will make sure ads for the home get posted on every accessible website and arrange for buyers to come view the home with their agents. 

Clean the Home

Just because the home is a fixer-upper doesn’t mean the sellers should forsake cleaning and making it look nice. Even

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Lawn Upgrade Tips to Help a Home SaleImproving your lawn before selling your home can boost your curb appeal, leading to a faster sale and better offers. Even in a desert, buyers find a home with dying, brown grass in the front yard a turn off.  For homeowners who have been relaxed about their lawn maintenance practices, improving the appearance of your lawn can be a multi-step project. The following tips will help you grow grass that is trim, lush and tidy for potential home buyers in the Paseos, or elsewhere like the Palisades.

Implement Good Grass Maintenance Habits

Growing beautiful grass takes extra work from homeowners. In order to be lush and green, grass needs adequate water and deep roots.

  • Water your lawn in the early morning or in the evening: Doing this will cut
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