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What You Need to Know About Homeowners InsuranceWhen prospective buyers trying to buy a home, one of the things they need to do is get homeowners insurance. Making arrangements for homeowners insurance in the weeks before escrow closes can help ensure that buyers find the right policy for their needs at a price they can afford.

Homeowners Insurance Protects Homeowners

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect homeowners from financial liability when their home is damaged, whether they live in the Willows of Summerlin or elsewhere. This type of insurance covers a variety of natural disasters and household accidents that can lead to expensive repairs, such as:

  • Fire damage
  • Lightning strike
  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Smoke damage
  • Damage from wind

In the event that the home

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Ideas that Make Outdoor Living Dreams Come TrueMaking an outdoor living space these days is so much more than just setting a few chairs around some greenery. With these ideas for chic and modern outdoor living spaces, any property could be transformed into an outdoor heaven through some DIY and professional renovations.

Entertainment Space

People who like to host a lot of parties at their homes should recognize that they can take advantage of a larger outdoor space to make entertaining varied, engaging, or expansive. An experienced host or hostess knows that people like to have plenty of places to stand or sit. In an outdoor area, the perfect entertaining space features comfortable seating in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from a soft outdoor chaise to rough-hewn stone benches.

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Tips for Selling a Home with Unpermitted WorkUnpermitted work can make problems for homeowners. A home with unpermitted work can be hard to insure and may even be unsafe to live in. Sometimes having unpermitted work is the result of hiring unprofessional contractors, and sometimes it's the result of uninformed DIY. Either way, home buyers who want to purchase a home with unpermitted work may even have a hard time getting a mortgage, so selling a home with with this problem can be a challenge. If you're selling a home that has unpermitted construction, knowing your options can help you make a choice that will be profitable during the home sale.

Do You Have to Disclose Unpermitted Work?

If you're aware of unpermitted construction, this must be disclosed at the time that the home is sold.

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A Short Guide to Damaged FoundationsMost people know that homes aren't as static as they look. While they appear to stay in one place, homes are always making small adjustments and settling back into the ground. So even if a home hasn't undergone an Earthquake or other destructive force, that doesn't mean it won't endure a damaged foundation. See when the problem calls for professional attention and what criteria to use when choosing a solution for your Palisades home.

Bad Signs

Settling doesn't always mean that there's a problem with the foundation, so homeowners don't necessarily need to worry if their home is creaking more than it used to. What they should be aware of is when they can no longer smoothly close doors or open windows anymore or if there seem to be a lot of

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How to Catch Roof Damage EarlyTo catch roof damage early, homeowners need to be especially observant and aware of what's happening to their home. An obvious leak is usually a sign that the roof has been unraveling for months (possibly even years) without anyone even noticing. It all starts with understanding the many components of the roof (shingles, flashing, joints, etc.), and how they work together to protect the home. The good news is that making the effort could save a homeowner thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Checking for Damage

If the homeowner is brave enough, getting on a ladder to check the joints and shingles can give clues as to the condition of the covering. The flashing is the material directly covering the joints of the roof, and any tears in it will

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