February 2018

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What Do Closing Costs Cover and Who Pays for Them?Closing costs are fees home buyers pay to secure their home and process their loan when buying a new home. In order to finally transfer the keys, both buyers and sellers will pay for a number of required services for the home. The services that buyers are required to pay for are all lumped in with their closing costs. The exact costs depend on the buyer's specific circumstances, including the type of loan they choose and the location they live in. It helps for buyers to understand what they're up against before getting started with the buying process in a Desert Shores home.

Who Is Paid

It's a common misconception that buyers are only paying the lender when it comes to closing costs. They're really paying everyone who was involved with the

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How to Get the Best Offers in a Buyer's MarketSelling in a buyer's market poses its own set of challenges, but the seller still has plenty of control when it comes how buyers view their home. They may have to rethink how they see the market or bend a little on what they may have wanted from the sale, but there are ways to navigate a flooded market. See what a seller can do to influence buyers and sell their home quickly and efficiently.

Understand What's Ahead

The first thing a seller will need to do is mentally prepare themselves for a home sale that may take a little longer or require more effort than expected. Dropping the price or accepting the first offer may be an easy way to handle the process, but it may also lose a seller tens of thousands of dollars at the end of the day.

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When to Hire a ProfessionalIt can feel satisfying to be able to repair or maintain a home. While many homeowners choose to DIY when it comes to common repairs and maintenance tasks, others source the work out to experts.

Avoid going in blind. Use the following information to understand when it is worthwhile to personally take on a home improvement project and when it is better to employ an experienced professional.

Do You Have the Experience Necessary?

Many first-time homeowners may watch a few episodes of a home improvement show and think they can take on more complex projects. While it's true that the majority of homeowners should be able to fix a leaky faucet or loose draw handle, some projects require more advanced skills and expert level knowledge. Those

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How to Sell a Home With PetsA pet can be a wonderful addition to a household that can provide many long years of companionship, but it’s inevitable that they may leave their mark on a home, not just on their owners. When selling a home, pets can impact the ease with which a homeowner sells their home for a multitude of reasons: There are many people who can’t be around animals due to allergies or fear, and when selling a home, having a pet may be a turn-off to a portion of potential buyers. Here are 4 tips homeowners can use to help sell their home without getting rid of their furry friends.

1. Repair Any Damage

With pets, some damage to the home is inevitable. Whether it’s scratched floors or stained carpets, it’s likely there’s going to be something that should be

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