April 2018

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Basic Home Improvements that Keep Homes SafeHomeowners have a lot on their plate in terms of upkeep around their homes. One facet of home upkeep is general home safety. Safety in the home is so important. Improvement projects that make the home more secure can boost property values while also preventing thefts and accidents. These home improvement projects are relatively easy to perform and inexpensive to complete.

Light Up Your Yard

Motion activated lights protect the house in two ways. To begin with, motion activated lights turn on when members of the household step outside at night. This helps prevent slips and falls on the property, and prevents injuries. Second, motion activated lights can alert homeowners when there is someone on the property who is not supposed to be there. This

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A Guide to Sustainable Construction for Smart HomeownersUnderstanding sustainable construction is a lot like understanding technology. Not only is it always constantly progressing, changing, and evolving, but it's dependent on adapting fundamental principles to different elements in the building. Keeping up with the trends can help home buyers understand the types of things they should be looking for when they're hoping to cut down on their carbon footprint. While zero-waste homes are still rare, the following developments are strong signs that it's only a matter of time before every residence puts more emphasis on sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Window Installations

Forget trying to decide between double-pane and single-pane windows—there's a potential new player on the market for homeowners who

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What Do Millennials Really Want in Home BuyingWhen it comes to home buying, agents want to engage Millennials and better serve their needs. However, there are a number of myths in regards to this group of potential homebuyers which require further inquiry. Understand more about what Millennials actually want when it comes time to buy a home today.

Millennials Don't Want to Purchase a Home

In contrast to the misguided belief that Millennials prefer renting to buying, a Fannie Mae survey indicates that they are interested in buying homes when they consider attractive aspects of home buying, such as security, privacy and the control of living space. Many Millennials are interested in buying a home, even after a recession. They do perceive the long-term value in buying a home.


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6 Must-Have Tools For Every HomeownerWhether a homeowner is putting a picture up on the wall or they’re doing some emergency fixing, every home needs to have a toolbox ready to go for any project. However, many first-time homeowners may not have a toolbox yet or even know what kinds of tools would be helpful around the home. To help those people who don’t know where to begin, here are six useful tools every homeowner should have around.

1. Hammers and Screwdrivers

A necessity for basic repairs and home improvement projects around the home, a hammer and screwdrivers serve countless purposes in countless projects. When it comes to everyday projects, hammers and screwdrivers are going to see the most use, so homeowners ought to ensure they have some on hand. While a homeowner will

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What to Know About Common PestsNo homeowner wants to find out that pests have taken up residence in their home. However, every year countless homeowners have to deal with pest infestations that have taken up residence in their homes. They may bring in boxes and bags and then come to find out that a tiny hitchhiker has become an unwanted visitor, or a home might have an infestation already when someone buys a home. This can usually only be detected with a specialized home inspection conducted for termites and other pests. Pests may sneak in through holes and crack in a home's structure and begin breeding before a homeowner catches sight of the first signs of an issue.

Often when a homeowner finds evidence of common pests, there are a multitude of pests already living within a

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