May 2018

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The Benefits of Good Customer Service for Real Estate AgentsIt's easy to discount the importance of customer service when agents are busy negotiating deals, drawing up endless paperwork, and handling unreasonable buyer or seller requests. They may be doing so much work behind the scenes that their efforts seem like more than enough. But real estate is a competitive enough field that agents may want to reconsider how they're approaching their clients. It's not enough to be punctual and ask a few half-hearted personal questions.

Home Buying and Selling Can Take a While

It's easy to be polite to people for a few hours or even a full weekend, but home buying can sometimes take months to finally close the transaction. That kind of intense, repeated exposure can wear on everyone involved, but a real estate

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5 Amazing Ways to Market Your HomeSelling a home is different than selling a pint of milk or a designer handbag, but that doesn't mean it won't benefit from thoughtful marketing. No matter what kind of market the seller may be facing, the right marketing can be the key to making the home stand out among its direct competition, which can ultimately push the price up beyond a seller's expectations. The best strategies for selling a home today includes a bit of melding between the old tactics and the new. For a better idea of how to get started, consider the following tips.

Set the Right Price

The first stop for any type of marketing is going to be officially listing the home on the MLS. Some sellers assume they can aim for the moon because they can always drop the price down

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How New Construction Technology Will Impact the Homes of TomorrowHome building has seen some major transformation in the past few years, even if the adoption rates among construction companies are rather uneven. Dubbed con-tech for 'construction technology', the improvements are making headlines for their innovation and noteworthy benefits. When homes can be printed by a machine rather than built brick-by-brick and concrete can heal itself without help from human hands, homeowners may want to pay attention to the new inventions to get a better idea of the future of home building.

The Technology of Breaking Ground

Before the foundation is ever poured, developers need to first scout land for their projects. Before 3D scanners and drones were invented, they would visit several sites and perform analysis to

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