February 2019

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Renting Out Your Home? What You Need to KnowRenting out a home can be a very lucrative real estate investment. However, renting ones home has its challenges. For homeowners who want to make extra money by renting their property, being prepared is important for success. Here's what you need to know.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Make Repairs

Many renters want to know that their rental home will be in good condition when they move in. Problems like broken windows, holes in the wall, broken door knobs and other small maintenance issues can dramatically reduce the amount of money that a rental home is worth. In fact, some rental homes that have these problems may be very

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Las Vegas Housing Market Update - January 2018

We have 7198 single family homes for sale in the Las Vegas MLS today.  Condos, town homes and high rise properties add 2223 more options.  Buyers have a total of 9421 homes.  That’s an increase from 8713 homes available last month.  That’s almost double the 4836 homes we had for sale in January 2018.  The number of homes for sale is 9.7% higher than last month and 95.1% higher than January 2018. 

We sold 1757 single family homes in January.  We sold an additional 523 condos, town homes and high rise properties for the month.  Total homes sold was 2280.  That’s down from 2720 in December and 2882 that sold in January 2018.  That’s a 14.9% drop from December and a 19.4% drop from January 2018. 


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Las Vegas High Rise News - January 2019

The number of luxury high rise condos for sale has risen to 385 this month. That’s up from 357 last month and the low 300s where we lingered until the latter months of 2018. A year ago we only had 314 luxury high rise condos available for sale.   The number of condos sold for the month continued to decline. We were down to only 42 in January from 45 in December and 52 in November. We sold 58 condos in our top buildings in January 2018.   Top Sellers in January - MGM Signature was first place with 6 condos sold. Second and third place was a tie between Turnberry Place and Turnberry Towers. Each community sold 5 condos in the month.   Las Vegas High Rise
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Building a home fitness center doesn't have to be a dream. It may be easier than you think!Buying a new home with all the rooms one might want can be difficult. One of the rooms many people may want in a new home is a fitness or exercise room. If youir new home doesn't have an exercise room, consider building or making one.

Building a home gym takes some thought, planning, money and perhaps most of all commitment. It's one thing to have a treadmill that now only serves as a clothing rack, it's quite another to plan and invest in an entire area that goes largely unused. Once a homeowner is assured they want and will use a home fitness studio it's time to make plans and construct it. Here are some steps to take.

Select an Appropriate Space

Planning a home gym starts with selecting the right space. Ideally, it should be a space

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