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Does Your Home Need Professional Gutter Cleaning? How To TellGutter care is an important part of home maintenance - they are not something that you should defer cleaning. If you're a new homeowner, here's what you'll need to know about taking care of your home's gutters.

Why It's Important to Clean Gutters

Gutters are designed to carry water away from the home. Without a proper drainage system, water can saturate the ground around the home, or may seep into the home's roof and walls. If water saturates the ground surrounding a home's foundation, the earth around the home may heave during freeze/thaw cycles, causing costly foundation damage.

If water leaks into the walls or attic of a home, this could lead to mold, wood rot, pest infestation and other problems. Cleaning the gutters can ensure that water

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How to Find the Right Price for Your PropertyWhen the time comes to sell your home, it's important to price the home right. If the home is badly priced, either too expensive or too inexpensive, you may lose money and take a long time to sell. Understanding the dangers of incorrect pricing, and working with a real estate professional to price your home correctly, can help you have a successful home-selling experience.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Dangers of Over Pricing

Buyers tend to look for homes within a certain price range. They avoid going too far above or below their price range, because budget is important to them. When buyers look at homes in a price range, they compare

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Las Vegas Housing Market Update - July 2019 

As of today, we have 7827 single family homes listed for sale in Las Vegas and Henderson.  Condos, town homes and high rise properties add 2469 options for buyers.  Total number of homes for sale is 10,296.  That’s a slight drop from the 10,432 we had available on the day we did last month’s report.  It’s 63% more inventory of homes for sale than in our July 2018 update.

We sold 3064 single family homes in July, up slightly from 2904 in June.  Buyers picked up 757 condos and town homes in July.  Total homes sold was 3821.  That was a nice increase from the 3671 we sold in June.  It’s a 5.5% drop from how many we sold in July 2018.

The median home price dipped slightly to $303K, a .3% decrease from

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Las Vegas High Rise News - July 2019

Las Vegas High Rise buyers now have 432 options to choose from.  Up from 416 last month but down from the low of 311 in July 2016.

Sales were stagnant with 38 luxury high rise condos sold in July.  That’s only one more than in June.  It’s a huge drop from the 86 residences we sold in the top building July 2018.

Top Sellers in July - More than half the condos that sold in July were in five high rise communities.  Five condos sold in Turnberry Place, Veer Towers, MGM Signature and ONE Las Vegas.  The Ogden had four closings.  So 24 of the 38 luxury high rise condos sold last month were in those buildings.

Highest Prices in July - We sold three luxury condos for more than $1 Million.

Highest price was

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Explore the Home Closing ProcessFirst time homebuyers may not know much when it comes to closing on a home. Time can easily get away from buyers busy with arranging a move and getting everything in order. Knowing more about the closing process can help mitigate challenges and allow a buyer to get everything in place for this last part of the home buying process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Home Closing: The Final Hurdle

A buyer is now getting close to the end of the home buying process at this point. In the majority of cases, buyers are financing their purchase, necessitating the involvement of a lender. Home closings are generally faster and with few, if any,

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