November 2019

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The 3 Most Popular Foundation TypesThe Canyons homeowners should always know what type of foundation their home uses. Likewise, buyers need to know what type of foundation every prospective home they look at has. The type of foundation a home uses will affect how it’s repaired if it is damaged and how well it can affect the home. All foundations do two main tasks: support the home and keep groundwater and dirt out of the home. There are multiple different ways to build a home’s foundation, but three types are more common than the rest. Here are the three most common home foundation types and how they differ from each other.

Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are easily one of the most popular foundation types due to how affordable they are. Their installation is also a lot more

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Las Vegas Housing Market Update - October 2019

The Greater Las Vegas MLS shows 7043 single family homes for sale today. Condos and town homes add 2422 options for home buyers. Total homes for sale is 9465. That’s a drop from 9823 last month and 10,160 from August. It’s 4.2% more homes than we had available this time last year.   We sold 2804 single family homes in October. Condos and town homes added 729 more closings. Total homes sold in October was 3533. That’s up 5.4% from 3378 last month. It’s 7.9% more than we sold in October 2018.   The median home price pulled back to $307K. A 1% drop from September’s high of $310K but 4.1% higher than October 2018.   We’ve sold an average of 3250 homes
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Las Vegas High Rise News - October 2019

Las Vegas buyers who prefer the high rise lifestyle have 499 options to choose from today. Only a slight increase from 492 last month. A sizable increase from the 343 units that were listed for sale last year.   We sold 54 high rise condos in October. Up from 49 in September. Down from 70 sold in October 2018.   Top Sellers in October - Signature at MGM had the highest sales volume. 9 condos sold in the three towers.   Turnberry Place came in second with 8 closings in their four towers.   Panorama Towers was third with 6 closings in their two towers.   Highest Prices in October - We sold 8 condos for more than $1…
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5 Popular Home Heating OptionsHeating an Arbors home may feel like a simple decision with only one or two options. In fact, there are a variety of choices homeowners can select, ranging from the traditional to the trendy and modern. Home heating can be the largest part of a property's energy expenses, and many systems cost several-thousand dollars to purchase and install. As such, it is important for homeowners to make the most practical and effective choice. Here are five options people can consider.

1. Furnaces

Furnaces are the most common form of heating in the U.S. Also called forced-air heating, this appliance uses energy to produce heat. The heating element warms the air cycled through the machine, which is then pushed through ductwork to vents in every room of the

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