February 2020

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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Hardwood FloorsMany homes have hardwood floors installed in them, and many homeowners dream of one day owning hardwood floors. Like all flooring materials, hardwood floors have special requirements to ensure that they’re properly taken care of. If a homeowner takes care of their hardwood floors correctly, they can help ensure that that floor lasts decades. Here are some of the different strategies Painted Desert homeowners can use to care for their hardwood floors.

Clean Spills Quickly

It’s no secret moisture damages wood. If wood is exposed to water for an extended amount of time, the wood can potentially warp. If the planks warp, it can cause them to stick up, which could make them a tripping hazard or cause them to not fit properly together. In order to

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Tips for a Smooth Experience During Long Distance MovesThe challenges of moving long distance far outweigh those of a local Mountain's Edge home move, especially for those pulling up stakes and starting over in a new, unfamiliar state. Fortunately, these types of moves are eased with the availability of the Internet and more moving service specialists than ever before. Using these long-distance moving tips can streamline the entire process from start to finish.

Downsize as Much as Possible

Before even delving into planning and packing, take time to downsize and get rid of as much as you can. Duplicates of kitchen tools, old tech gadgets, long-forgotten photos and clothing—all should be evaluated for their worthiness in making the cut of what goes to the new home.

Donations, gifting, recycling,

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4 Great Kitchen Flooring OptionsThere are many great flooring types that can be used throughout a Desert Shores home, but homeowners always give extra thought when choosing which flooring material to use in their kitchen. Kitchen floors need to be durable in order to stand up to drops and spills that happen while cooking. There are many great flooring material options that fit well in kitchens, ranging from natural and man-made materials, and they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures in order to match nearly any style. Here are some of the best flooring options for any kitchen and what makes them great choices.

Tile Flooring

One of the most popular types of kitchen flooring is tile. Tile can come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, so

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Las Vegas Housing Market Update - January 2020

Las Vegas and Henderson home buyers have 4816 single family homes to choose from. Condos and town homes offer 1893 more options. Total listings available today is 6709. That’s a drop from 7414 last month. It’s a big drop from 9421 this time last year.   We sold 2202 single family homes in January. We sold our 630 condos and townhomes. Total homes sold in January was 2832 for the month. That’s a slight drop from 3187 homes sold in December. It’s up from 2280 sold in January 2019.   The median home price pulled back to $305K. It was at $312K in December. While the median may fluctuate a little, it is expected to hit the $315K peak of 2006 sometime this year.  The median…
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Las Vegas High Rise News - January 2020

Las Vegas High Rise buyers have 412 options in our top buildings. It’s a decline from the 442 last month and follows several months of declining inventory. It’s slightly more than the 385 we had in January 2019.   We sold 49 high rise condos in January. Down from 53 in December. A slight increase from 42 sold in January 2019.   Top Sellers in January - Signature at MGM was the top seller with 6 condos sold. ONE Las Vegas and Turnberry Towers tied for second with 5 closings in each of those communities.   Highest Prices - Three condos closed for more than $1 Million. Turnberry Place Tower 3 #2904 was listed for $2.295M and closed for $1.945M. It was 4103…
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Wood Floors Are an Attractive and High-Value Home ChoiceWood flooring is traditional in Centennial Hills homes and throughout the world. In early America, wood flooring was typically of two types: hardwood planks or parquet for formal or public spaces, and humble pine or other local species for bedrooms, kitchens and the second floors of eastern homes, as well as in frontier cabins. Hardwood, often oak, cherry or maple, was invariably stained and polished, while less expensive wood could be painted.

During the war years and continuing through the building boom of the mid-20th Century, wood fell out of favor in many areas, largely because of price, but also because "modern" linoleum and wall-to-wall carpet were introduced as easy-care alternatives. Today, homeowners are rediscovering the appeal of wood,

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