May 2020

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Moving Soon? Who You Need to NotifyMoving to a new home is understandably a very busy time for any homeowner. With so much to do, it can be easy to let some things slip through the cracks. However, one thing that should never be forgotten is moving notifications. Homeowners need to send out moving notifications in order to ensure their mail is going to the right address, their new home has utilities, and so on. Here are the different moving notifications homeowners should always remember when making their moving to-do list.

United States Postal Service

It can be extremely problematic if a homeowner’s mail is going to the wrong address. A complete stranger can potentially end up with important documents or sensitive information they shouldn’t have, so homeowners need to file for a

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3 Red Flags You Should Know Regarding Moving CompaniesWhen a homeowner knows they’re going to be selling their home and moving to a new one, one of the first thoughts that they may have is how they’re going to move their things to their new home. Hiring a moving company is the easiest way to move, but many homeowners are worried their entire lives may not be in capable hands. And with all the horror stories found online, it’s no wonder homeowners are concerned. Fortunately, scam moving companies typically always have warning signs that homeowners can look for. Here are a few scam warning signs homeowners may encounter when choosing a moving company to hire.

The Moving Company Requires a Down Payment

Scam moving companies are interested in making money above all, and one of the easiest ways to do

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Las Vegas Housing Market Update - April 2020

Buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson have 5932 Single Family Homes available today.  Condos and townhomes add another 2308 options. Total number of homes listed for sale is 8240. That’s only up a few hundred from the 7966 we had available last month.   We sold 1890 single family homes in April. Condos and townhomes added another 443. Total homes sold in the major Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas area was 2333 in April. That’s a significant drop from March when we sold 3538.   Supply of Homes for Sale - Over the past year, we have sold an average of 3180 homes of all types each month. At that rate of sales, our current inventory would be gone in 2.6 months. The…
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Las Vegas High Rise News - April 2020

Today’s high rise buyers have 467 condos available in our top buildings. Only a slight increase over the 460 available last month. A year ago we had 445 condos available in the same buildings.   The number of condos sold in these buildings has taken a big hit due to the Covid 19 shutdown. We only sold 16 condos in those buildings for the month of April. That’s down from 46 in March and 62 in April 2019.   This drop in sales is likely to last until we start getting businesses open again. Another problem with high rise condos is many are tenant occupied. We’re not allowed to show tenant occupied homes. Luckily, sellers aren’t trying to dump condos.…
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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Starter HomeIn recent years, young home buyers have often been told their first home should be a “starter home”. Starter homes are lower-cost homes that can be good for first-time home buyers. They typically don’t have all the cutting-edge features that are toted around in luxury homes, but they do come at a lower price that makes them more accessible to people who may not have a lot of savings yet. Here are some many advantages of owning a starter home that all first-time Centennial Hills home buyers should know before they start house hunting.

Starter Homes Cost Less

Starter homes are appealing to a lot of people because the price tag is lower than other home categories. However, starter homes are also less expensive in other ways. For instance, starter

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