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Wynn Las Vegas celebrated the release of their Spring/Summer issue of their Wynn magazine by inviting guests to join them in Tableau Restaurant for wine and appetizers.  This issue of the magazine, appropriately is "The Dining Issue".  Several of the Chefs from their restaurants were circulating among the guests.  The timing for this issue coincides with one of our favorite "foodie" events.  We have Las Vegas Uncork'd this week-end.  Food writers and critics from throughout the world will be here along with local foodies, so devoting this issue of their magazine to the dining experience at Wynn was excellent timing. 

The foods served revealed the creativity you find in the Wynn and Encore restaurants.  Try medium rare steak served in a Chinese soup

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The Square Salon in Summerlin has only been open for a bit over a year, but it  has already attracted a large clientele of locals who are happy to find a great spa/salon experience without the drive to the Strip and without having to traipse through a smoke filled casino. When I moved to Vegas years ago, I started using the Spa at the Bellagio because a hairdresser I knew in San Francisco was working there.  Unfortunately, she moved back to California, leaving me to find my new salon through trial and error. 

There are great salons and spas on the Strip for those times when you want an extra bit of pampering.  I love 
sitting in the mani/pedi chair at the Encore, sipping on a mimosa and looking out at the view of the tops of the trees and the

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Selling your Las Vegas home will be easier if you understand the absorption rate for the current market and how it affects the price you will ultimately receive for your home.  In real estate, the absorption rate refers to the pace at which homes are being taken off the market in comparison to homes coming on the market.

You arrive at the absorption rate by taking the total number of homes sold over the past year and dividing by twelve months.  This gives you the average number of homes being sold each month in your area.  Then you determine how many properties are currently listed for sale without accepted offers on them.  Divide this number by the number of homes sold per month to arrive at how many months it would take to sell all the current

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Finding dim sum in Las Vegas was not that easy when I first moved here ten years ago. While living in San Francisco, I had grown spoiled by the variety of restaurants that served this traditional Chinese "snack" food.  The first time I took my boyfriend to San Francisco, he had never tried dim sum before and looked on with dismay as I ordered half a dozen dishes for us to taste (he was buying).  Should have seen his face when he got the check and it was a fraction of what we'd been spending in other restaurants.  Having discovered that he liked dim sum, I was determined to find the real deal if it existed in Las Vegas.  It wasn't long before someone turned me on to Orchids Garden on W. Sahara at Lindell.

 With so many restaurants to choose from, we

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Painted Desert Golf course is a mature, beautifully landscaped 18 hole, par 72 course.  It's located only 12 minutes Northwest of the Strip off the 95 Fwy. at Ann Rd.  With terrific greens and lush fairways, it routinely wins awards for the best conditioned course in Las Vegas.  What makes this course unique is the landscaping features mature trees that offer a lot of shade to park your golf cart underneath.  There aren't too many of these shaded courses in Las Vegas that offer a comfortable round with a break from the desert sun. The course is very narrow and a premium is placed on your T shot in the fairway.  If you manage to keep your ball in the fairway then the course sets up well for a good score.  What makes this one of our favorite tracks is

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The Las Vegas Housing Market continues to show signs of stabilizing as we enter the final month of Spring.  As of May 3rd, we have 4291 single family homes listed for sale with 836 condos and town homes.  The number of high rise condos listed in the MLS is only 387, but that does not include all the unsold units at The Martin, Turnberry Towers and CityCenter.  Currently in the MLS we have 5514 properties listed for sale.

We have seen a decline in the number of foreclosed homes listed for sale.  There are only 731 foreclosures in the MLS which translates out to only 13.25% of the current listings.  Many have speculated that newly enacted legislation, AB284 which requires lien holders to provide an affidavit showing they are authorized to foreclose is

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Buying a Las Vegas Home Without a Homeowner's Association is an option that we see more and more buyers considering.  This past week-end, I started working with new clients from California who have never owned a home in a homeowner's association and they were puzzled about why we don't have more homes that aren't in HOAs.

As a California expatriate, I know how they feel.  The only time I lived in a community with an HOA was a condo.  My single family homes were never governed by an HOA until I moved to Vegas.  One reason my new clients aren't crazy about HOAs is they have noticed most of the homes in them look very similar.  They live in West L.A. and homes in their current neighborhood have charm and there's variety in the style of homes as well as

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Nittaya's Secret Kitchen is actually across the street from Summerlin, but it brings great Thai food to Summerlin restaurants.  In a nondescript Strip mall/Office plaza at Lake Mead and Rampart, this wonderful little restaurant could easily be over-looked by those who don't expect to find gourmet in the midst of the branch of a bank and office buildings. We are really happy that we discovered Nittaya's Secret Kitchen.  

It's a small, cozy restaurant with the sort of comfy, upscale leather chairs at the tables that we frequently see in the contemporary high rise condos or model homes for some of the single family homebuilders.  With a brick facade behind the bar, the coziness of the room and the excellent service, we felt more like we were dining in

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Sienna golf course in Summerlin is generally regarded as one of the best golf courses in Las Vegas.  This course is conveniently located, just West of the 215 Beltway and Tropicana, only 15 minutes from the Strip.

On a recent visit, we were impressed with how far the landscaping has matured.  It had been a few years since we last golfed Siena.

The landscaping was in the early stages on our previous visit.  Now, you'll find the landscaping is lush and it creates a beautiful setting for a wonderful course.

While this course may seem somewhat flat from some of the viewpoints, as you make your way around this course you'll find several challenges, in the form of bunkers, water hazards and undulating greens.  You will have enough time to take a deep

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With the warm sunny days we see so much of in Las Vegas, you would think that Las Vegas pool homes would be the majority of the market.  It has always seemed a little odd to me that so many home buyers would firmly insist that they must have a pool, but the majority of homes in Vegas actually don’t have pools, especially in the lower price ranges. There are currently 4608 single family homes listed for sale in all of Las Vegas and Henderson.  Out of those homes, only 1389 of them have pools.  Out of the 38,324 single family homes which were SOLD over the past twelve months, only 7936 of them had private pools. Those numbers compute to 30% of the homes currently listed for sale have private pools.    Only 20% of the homes which actually sold over the past

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