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Hidden Costs and Risks of FSBOsWhen sellers think about the sales commission a real estate agent usually gets through the transaction, they might think that they could more easily sell it themselves. However, selling a home is actually quite complicated, and there are many steps in the process that self-represented home sellers may not be aware of. With this guide, sellers will be able to identify common disadvantages for those who take the for sale by owner (FSBO) route.

Not Knowing What Buyers Expect

As home buyers start to look at properties, they generally have a very specific idea of a good home in mind. Every buyer is going to have unique preferences in the size of the home and its amenities. However, sellers have to gain a general understanding of the kinds of

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How to Handle Your First Siding ReplacementSiding not only keeps people safe, but it can also be a major contributor to the eventual resale value of the home. In fact, a home siding replacement returns an average of 89% to the homeowner, making it one of the more win-win projects a homeowner can take on. Before researching the brick siding you've always dreamed of though, it helps to have a better idea of what it really means to upgrade the siding.

Do the Math First

Siding costs can vary wildly from material to material, so homeowners should calculate how much they can afford to spend on replacing their siding before deciding what material to go for. High-end materials such as fiber cement, brick or stucco can cost tens of thousands of dollars, more than some homeowners have immediate

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Home Insulation Guide: Types and CostWhen it comes to energy efficiency in a home, many consider insulation improvements to be the best way to cut down on heating and cooling costs. Whether it's because you want to save money or make money, there may be many reasons to look into improving the insulation in a home. In addition to improved energy efficiency, such an upgrade may yield a significant ROI. Homeowners who are looking to save money on energy bills without sacrificing comfort are often interested in home insulation.

There are a few different types of insulation and some important factors to keep in mind. Understand more about home insulation before adding insulation to a home today.

The Importance of Home Insulation

Many homeowners and buyers are looking to make their

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Home Security System InformationEveryone needs to feel safe, so many homeowners will at one time or another seek protection from a home security system. Different kinds of home security systems provide different levels of security, so once a homeowner has made the decision to get a home security system, then they must decide what kind of system is right for them.

How Do Professional Home Security Systems Work?

Professional home security systems work by deterring vandals, burglars and intruders. They also provide security by providing smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection services. Professional home security systems are usually connected via a network to a company that monitors activity in the home, and alerts the homeowner when something is amiss.

Homeowners pay

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The Benefits of Good Customer Service for Real Estate AgentsIt's easy to discount the importance of customer service when agents are busy negotiating deals, drawing up endless paperwork, and handling unreasonable buyer or seller requests. They may be doing so much work behind the scenes that their efforts seem like more than enough. But real estate is a competitive enough field that agents may want to reconsider how they're approaching their clients. It's not enough to be punctual and ask a few half-hearted personal questions.

Home Buying and Selling Can Take a While

It's easy to be polite to people for a few hours or even a full weekend, but home buying can sometimes take months to finally close the transaction. That kind of intense, repeated exposure can wear on everyone involved, but a real estate

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5 Amazing Ways to Market Your HomeSelling a home is different than selling a pint of milk or a designer handbag, but that doesn't mean it won't benefit from thoughtful marketing. No matter what kind of market the seller may be facing, the right marketing can be the key to making the home stand out among its direct competition, which can ultimately push the price up beyond a seller's expectations. The best strategies for selling a home today includes a bit of melding between the old tactics and the new. For a better idea of how to get started, consider the following tips.

Set the Right Price

The first stop for any type of marketing is going to be officially listing the home on the MLS. Some sellers assume they can aim for the moon because they can always drop the price down

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How New Construction Technology Will Impact the Homes of TomorrowHome building has seen some major transformation in the past few years, even if the adoption rates among construction companies are rather uneven. Dubbed con-tech for 'construction technology', the improvements are making headlines for their innovation and noteworthy benefits. When homes can be printed by a machine rather than built brick-by-brick and concrete can heal itself without help from human hands, homeowners may want to pay attention to the new inventions to get a better idea of the future of home building.

The Technology of Breaking Ground

Before the foundation is ever poured, developers need to first scout land for their projects. Before 3D scanners and drones were invented, they would visit several sites and perform analysis to

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Basic Home Improvements that Keep Homes SafeHomeowners have a lot on their plate in terms of upkeep around their homes. One facet of home upkeep is general home safety. Safety in the home is so important. Improvement projects that make the home more secure can boost property values while also preventing thefts and accidents. These home improvement projects are relatively easy to perform and inexpensive to complete.

Light Up Your Yard

Motion activated lights protect the house in two ways. To begin with, motion activated lights turn on when members of the household step outside at night. This helps prevent slips and falls on the property, and prevents injuries. Second, motion activated lights can alert homeowners when there is someone on the property who is not supposed to be there. This

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A Guide to Sustainable Construction for Smart HomeownersUnderstanding sustainable construction is a lot like understanding technology. Not only is it always constantly progressing, changing, and evolving, but it's dependent on adapting fundamental principles to different elements in the building. Keeping up with the trends can help home buyers understand the types of things they should be looking for when they're hoping to cut down on their carbon footprint. While zero-waste homes are still rare, the following developments are strong signs that it's only a matter of time before every residence puts more emphasis on sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Window Installations

Forget trying to decide between double-pane and single-pane windows—there's a potential new player on the market for homeowners who

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What Do Millennials Really Want in Home BuyingWhen it comes to home buying, agents want to engage Millennials and better serve their needs. However, there are a number of myths in regards to this group of potential homebuyers which require further inquiry. Understand more about what Millennials actually want when it comes time to buy a home today.

Millennials Don't Want to Purchase a Home

In contrast to the misguided belief that Millennials prefer renting to buying, a Fannie Mae survey indicates that they are interested in buying homes when they consider attractive aspects of home buying, such as security, privacy and the control of living space. Many Millennials are interested in buying a home, even after a recession. They do perceive the long-term value in buying a home.


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