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California moves to Vegas and it isn't just the 1% anymore. The migration may have started with the wealthiest and has included many business owners who find California's environment to be a hindrance to starting and running a business.  Since many of our California expatriates are wealthy, it might be considered a trend of the top 1%.

However, we are finding that it isn't only the wealthy who are getting pinched by the new Prop 30. An example is a couple who are buying their first Las Vegas home. They are "retired", however, she went back to work part time and he took another full time job which will last another 2 years before he tries retiring again. They're looking for a modest home in an age-restricted community.  They're financially comfortable,

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California's wealthy are starting to move to Las Vegas NV as a result of the passage of Prop 30 on the November ballot.  As a Las Vegas Real Estate agent, we are seeing a jump in home searches from California.  We're getting phone calls and yes, home buyers have started coming into Las Vegas and buying homes.  Some of the new California Expatriates are purchasing luxury high rise condos to use as a home base that they can lock and leave while traveling to other homes.  Other buyers are purchasing luxury homes in some of Las Vegas and Henderson's most exclusive communities.

Having spent most of my adult life in California before moving to Las Vegas ten years ago, I can assure our California Expatriates that Las Vegas is a great place for expats.  It's

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As we enter the New Year, there are continuing signs that Las Vegas has made it through the worst of the housing collapse.  The number of homes for sale continues to linger with just over a month's supply of inventory.  The number of foreclosures listed for sale is now down to 16% of the inventory.  Only 18% of the current listings are short sales.  

The number of distressed listings is finally dropping to less than 40% of the total homes listed for sale. At the same time, prices are now increasing.  The median List Price has increased by 12.8% over last year and the median "SOLD" price has increased by a healthy 24.2% over a year ago.  Why has the Sold price increased more than the list price?  That's because many sellers, especially short sales and

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In the internet age, we really have to asks ourselves if Open Houses are a good idea or a bad idea?  Sellers will frequently ask how many open houses we plan to do for them.  

We'll do them if you want us to, but I would not allow one to be held in my home.  I actually did allow agents to hold open houses in a Santa Monica home many years ago.  We had listed with a husband/wife team and took the normal precautions of making sure all jewelry and small items that could easily walk away were secured.  It never occurred to us that someone would be so brazen as to walk off with an expensive jacket.  In hindsight, we should have locked our closets.

That was 20 years ago.  Even with a handful of agents to over-see an open house, things can and do walk

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Is it time to sell your Las Vegas home?  After years of declining values and a glut of homes on the market, the number of listings in the Greater Las Vegas MLS has declined to an all time low.  We've been lingering below 5000 listings for several months.  

Currently, we're right at that number.  The general consensus is that the banks will be releasing more foreclosures later this year, but in a recent appearance on the FOX News Business Channel, RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly expressed optimism that we are past the worst part of the market. We're not out of the woods yet by anyone's estimates but we are at a point where some of the homeowners who have been sitting on the sidelines may finally be able to sell their home without having to do a short sale.  

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The Red Rock Conservation Area is popular among tourist who like to get off the beaten path of the luxury Hotels and Casinos on the Strip and head out to explore some of our natural desert.  Located just a 20-30 minute drive West of the Strip and only five minutes West of Summerlin, it's also an area where you find locals going to explore hiking trails and rock climbing.

A loop takes you around the area in about 45 minutes.  We like to visit Red Rock several times a year to explore the changing desert.  On a recent visit, after the rains, we were surprised at how much green there was.  With a desert that doesn't get much rain, when we do get it the changes in the landscape are noticeable.

One of our favorite spots is the Willow Springs Picnic Area

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Homes next to the MountainsThe Mesas of Summerlin is the newest "village" in the Summerlin master planned community. The location is at the Southern tip of Summerlin and the base of the Spring Mountains. The slightly elevated location provides some of the homes here with beautiful Mountain views and some even have Strip views, especially from the second floor balconies. The original construction started with homes in Ladera Terrace as early as 2004-2005.  As the housing market stalled, construction stopped, but it resumed again in 2011.  Currently, Lennar homes is building on the final lots in Ladera Terrace, on the East side of Mesa Park Dr.

On the South/Southwest side of Mesa Park Dr., near the Mountains, we have Amado Ridge and Amado Crest by Richmond American Homes and Pulte

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Ranch Market in Chinatown is one of our favorite grocery stores when we're in the mood to cook Asian food.  Aside from the large selection of ingredients you need for cooking authentic Chinese, Thai and other Asian dishes, you'll find they carry a large selection of produce and seafood.

The produce includes items like fresh lychees, Chinese greens and root vegetables along with a large variety of fresh and dried mushrooms.  Other items include coconuts, several varieties of cabbage, squash, you name it, and from our experience their prices are competitive to other markets in the area.

They have a large butcher shop which will do the special cuts of beef and pork needed in many Asian recipes.  In their dry ingredients you'll find all the typical

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Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is only a quick 20 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip but the old farmhouse structures will make you feel as if you've been transported back in time.  With mature trees, grassy fields and three lakes in the park, one does not feel as if they're in a desert. The 680 acre park was originally established in 1964 when it was turned over to the City of Las Vegas.  The State took control of the park in 1977, but it has recently been turned back over to the City.  The park is centered around the lakes created by the Tule Springs, an oasis in the midst of the Mojave Desert.  It is believed that the first settlement on the land was in 1905 when a hotel was opened.  Most of the buildings date back to the 1940s when the

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Las Vegas Premium Outlets North is the newest of our Outlet/Discount shopping malls.  Located on Grand Central Parkway, between Charleston and Bonneville, it's easy to spot the center from the 15 Freeway.

The Simon Group which operates the mall has acquired the old Beltz Premium Outlet Center on the South Strip.  They've recently given what is now known as Premium Outlets South a facelift with updated flooring and lighting, but we still prefer the stores and the outdoor environment of the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North.  Even on the hottest day, you'll find lots of shoppers strolling through the mall, enjoying the over-head misters in between stops into the various stores.

The stores that you'll find here represent a wide array of styles,

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