Benefits for a Homeowner When Staging Your Home

Staging can make all the difference for a homeowner or landlord when it comes to selling or renting out an available listing. The goal of available property is to move it quickly while maximizing profits. To accomplish this, homeowners and landlords alike can stage their spaces to present a warm and inviting environment for buyers to envision themselves in.

Learn more about the benefits of staging a home or apartment and the ways it can help to sell your home.

Why Staging is so Important

Why Staging is so Important 

Home standers understand that first impressions will go a long way when it comes to real estate. A key to selling a home is presenting it to potential buyers in its best light. Proper staging ensures buyers will see the home's potential. Benefits of this part of the selling process include:

  • Allowing Your Listing to Stand Out. The real estate market is a competitive field packed full of listings, and it can be difficult for your property to stand out. To combat any potential issues, homeowners and landlords can benefit from professionally staging their homes, and in doing so, potential buyers might be encouraged to consider the property before even seeing it first-hand.
  • Buyers Can Envision Themselves in the Space Better. Professional staging is a wonderful visualization tool to help buyers determine whether they can see themselves in that space. It is also a good opportunity for homeowners or landlords to update the look of their property, hence creating a positive environment. When buyers have a visual aid, it can be all the difference between a listed home selling quickly and one that sits on the market for a long time.
  • Staging Highlights Key Spaces. When it comes to selling a home, not all rooms are the same, and therefore they should not be treated the same. Potential homebuyers place their focus on key rooms, like the living room, primary bedroom, and kitchen, when considering a property. Professional staging can elevate these rooms and enhance their overall appeal. Staging can help sellers minimize some of the less attractive areas of a home or apartment.
  • Better Marketing. In the real estate market, gaining an advantage over the competition in any way is crucial. Posting photos online is a useful selling tool if done right. Staging can enhance the look of these photos and provide a professional aesthetic, offering strong selling points.
  • Great Peace of Mind. Hosting an open house is a great marketing strategy, but it does come with some risk. With home or apartment staging, you can minimize the risk and maximize your privacy when still receiving the benefits of a fully furnished property listing.

Stats Show Staging is Worth the Investment

How to Keep a House Staged While on the Market

Maintaining a staged home's pristine appearance and inviting ambiance is crucial to make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Here are some tips to help you keep a house staged once it's staged:

  • Declutter and simplify: Continuously keep countertops, shelves, and surfaces clear of personal items, excessive decor, and clutter. The less stuff visible, the larger and more inviting your spaces will appear.
  • Regular cleaning: Establish a cleaning routine to ensure your staged home remains spotless. Dust, vacuum, and mop floors, wipe down surfaces, and clean mirrors and windows regularly. A clean home always feels more appealing.
  • Fresh scents: Use air fresheners or scented candles to maintain a pleasant aroma in your home. Neutral or light scents like lavender, citrus, or vanilla are generally safe choices that appeal to a wide range of tastes.
  • Keep up with landscaping: Maintain your curb appeal by regularly trimming the lawn, weeding the garden, and tending to the landscaping. An attractive exterior sets a positive first impression.
  • Monitor lighting: Ensure all bulbs are in working order and replace any that have burned out. Adequate lighting can make your home feel more inviting and open.
  • Repair and touch up: Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear. Fix minor damages, scuff marks, or chipped paint as soon as they appear. A well-maintained home gives buyers the impression of a property that has been cared for.
  • Neutralize decor: While it's important to maintain some decor to make the space feel lived-in, ensure it remains neutral and unobtrusive. Swap out personal photos for generic artwork or mirrors to maintain a universal appeal.
  • Organized storage: Potential buyers often check out closets and storage spaces. Keep these areas organized and tidy to create the illusion of ample storage.
  • Open curtains and blinds: Allow natural light to flood your home during showings or open houses. Well-lit spaces feel more inviting and spacious.
  • Consistent staging: Maintain the original staging layout and decor. Ensure that furniture and decor items are always positioned as they were during the initial staging to ensure consistency.

By following these tips, you can keep your staged home looking its best, increasing its appeal to potential buyers and improving your chances of a successful sale. Remember that a well-maintained staged home will leave a lasting impression and make buyers feel like they are walking into their dream home.

Stats Show Staging is Worth the Investment 

Staging is an investment that can help maximize the rate of return on the sale of the property—and usually costs less than the first price reduction. There is an average investment of 1% of the sale price that goes into staging, and 75% of sellers saw an ROI of 5% to 15% over the asking price, according to data from the RESA (Real Estate Staging Association). For sellers who decide against staging, it shows that the average price reduction on a home is five to twenty times more than what the staging investment would have been.

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