Garage Organization Basics for Homeowners

Getting Your Garage Organized: Tips for HomeownersKeeping an organized garage is important, especially if you're using your garage primarily for storage. A clean garage is also important should you want to sell your home. The more organized your garage is, the easier it will be to find the things you need. If you're trying to organize your garage, these tips can help.

Utilize All Available Space

Most garages have a lot of un-utilized space, especially on the walls and near the ceiling. Installing storage shelves and loft space makes it possible to use these spaces more efficiently.

Hanging wire bins from a peg board on the wall can also give the homeowner more storage space. When installing loft space or shelves, homeowners should work with a professional contractor, especially if they're planning to use those shelves to hold heavy items.

Use Modular Storage Containers

Modular storage bins or containers are designed to fit together, so they're less likely to fall over. Modular storage containers also make the best use of space possible. Homeowners hoping to use their garage to hold many varied items can invest in modular storage containers to keep their items separate and organized.

For best results, homeowners can label each container with an accurate description of what it contains, and put labels on each side of each container.

Purge Periodically

Garages can fill up quickly if purging doesn't take place periodically. Going through items and selling, recycling, donating or throwing away what is not needed can help homeowners make room for new items. This should be done once annually for best results.

Separate Chemicals

Garage chemicals need their own separate place to be kept safe. Cadence NV homeowners who want to ensure that their chemicals do not mix with the other items they're storing can keep their chemicals in a dedicated cabinet meant for chemicals only. This cabinet should be kept locked if the homeowner has children or pets that should not be able to access those chemicals.

Work With a Professional

If you're a homeowner who is thinking about making dramatic changes to your garage's wall or loft storage, contact a professional contractor. Your contractor can help you decide how you can make the best use of your garage space in a way that is safe. If major changes need to be made to your garage, your contractor can also help you make these changes in a way that aligns with local building codes.

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