Common Home Architectural Styles in the United States

Popular Architectural Styles for HomesMuch like the residents in the United States, the home architectural styles that can found throughout the country are diverse and varied. Each style offers insight into the time period during which it was built and the distinct culture of the region. These are a few of the common home architectural styles that can be found throughout the United States:

Craftsman Style Home

During the dawn of the 20th century, the Arts and Crafts movement took hold of Americans across the country. This movement emphasized the importance of handmade products made with natural materials, and followed in the footsteps of the Industrial Revolution. During this moment in history, the Craftsman home architectural style was born. Simplistic floor plans are common in these types of homes, and nearly every Craftsman home has a sprawling porch with wood beams to anchor it. It is a home style that gained prominence in the early hours of the 21st century, but has continued to be desirable among home buyers in every corner of the country.

Victorian Style

Those who take a stroll through any historic downtown area in the United States are likely to find several streets lined with Victorian homes. These ornate homes were built during the last several decades of the 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria in England. They were often built for affluent families who were influential in the community. Floor plans often included parlors, dining areas and other rooms that are crucial to the social structure of the time. Wood beams and stones were used in the construction, and there are often many fireplaces in Victorian homes. Today, these historical homes are often preserved to be as beautiful and colorful as they were when they were constructed.

Ranch Style Home

The ranch home is the one architectural style that is truly American. It gained its prominence in the American West, and is sometimes known as the California ranch. Today, ranch homes can be found in many communities. They are known for their single-floor layout and low roof lines. They make a practical option for buyers at all stages and all price points. The ranch home style became popular in the years following World War II, largely because it was a simple, casual option that worked well for the blossoming middle class. Today, ranches built during the 1940's and 1950's are still in existence, and people still delight at living in these quaint, functional homes. In addition, many luxury ranches are designed and customized for buyers who are looking to take this architectural style to the next level.

Cape Cod Architectural Style

The cape cod architectural style dates back to the 1600's, when pilgrims were first landing on the shores of America and settling into their new communities. It is particularly popular along the East Coast, but cape cod homes can be found in nearly every community around the country. This architectural style is famous for its first floor master bedrooms, with additional bedrooms being located in the loft upstairs. While the style dates back several centuries, home buyers will find that most cape cods on the market today were built after 1950.

Mountain's Edge home buyers often set their sights on a particular home style during their search. It is important that buyers work closely with their real estate agent in order to identify where a specific architectural style may be found within the community, and how it can be purchased within the buyer's budget. For more information on the home architectural styles within a given area, contact a real estate agent today.

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