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Should I Get a Home Warranty?When buying a home, a lot of people are cautioned not to miss anything during the final walk-through, lest they find themselves on the hook for a broken system. A home warranty is designed to provide some protection against this sort of problem, but they are not always necessary. People should weigh the cost in relation to their other expenses before they make a decision to purchase a home warranty.

Home Warranty vs Homeowners Insurance

An easy analogy to help home buyers distinguish between a home warranty and homeowners insurance is to consider the same kinds of protections for cars. A warranty on a car makes some provision for repairs or replacement of certain parts or systems, if they wear out or break before the warranty runs out.

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What to Have When Buying a HomeBuying a home can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially when sorting through pages of potential property listings, and prospective buyers may feel bogged down in questions about the home-buying process. Whether it's the first time or fifth time, in Desert Shores or elsewhere, there are several important steps homebuyers should follow.

Know How Much Home You Can Afford

Deciding on a budget is the first step in home buying. In general, it's recommended to avoid looking at homes that cost more than three times your annual income, stick closer to two times. On average, a mortgage payment should not exceed more than 25 percent of your monthly gross income. However, if there are other high monthly bills that also need to be paid, things like

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How Buyers Can Choose Between Condos or Single Family HomesWhen it comes time to make your first real estate purchase, does it seem like a condo or a single family home would work better for your particular needs and lifestyle? What about the decision to buy or rent? It’s a hard question to answer because without having experienced both scenarios, it might just leave you guessing. Both housing options have benefits and potential drawbacks when considering Aliante homes, so let’s explore both to get a better idea of what might be the right fit.

Condo Living 101

Individuals who live in a condo will certainly say they love where they live, but as nothing is perfect, there may be a few things about this housing option that leave people wanting more. One of the more obvious benefits of purchasing a condo

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What to Know About the 203k Fixer Upper Home LoanAlthough it's not the kind of loan that is often in the headlines, a 203k loan is a valuable tool. It has the potential to transform a "hard to sell" or "fixer upper" property into a desirable one and offers a source of funds for anyone who can see the potential in a house that requires immediate improvements.

But it is not available to investors. Designed to make home renovation options available to owner/occupants, this unique mortgage loan is also available to non-profit organizations. Although it can be used solely for home improvements, it is often bundled with standard mortgage funding, with maximum regional loan limits set by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). The limitations are usually sufficient, but not meant for extravagant

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Tasks to Finish Before Moving Into a New HomeThe new house is bought. The old house is sold. All that is left is to move in. However, there are a few more things to keep track of to make sure the move goes smoothly and life in a new home goes as well as everyone hopes.

Learn About the New Area

Moving can be exhausting, and finding oneself in a strange new place only accentuates the experience. Find out about the area before the move by locating amenities such as grocery stores, convenience stores, parks, restaurants and the local nightlife. 

Transfer Paperwork and Services

There are a lot of things at the old home which will need to be arranged again at the new. Phone and internet connections are the most common service. Make sure old accounts are terminated and new ones

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All About FHA Loans for Home BuyersEstablished by the passage of the National Housing Act in 1934, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has helped millions of Americans become homeowners and continues to be one of the most popular loan options today. Although commonly called FHA loans, these mortgages are actually issued by approved banks and lenders and only guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. The following guide is designed to answer basic questions about the FHA home loan program and help those interested in purchasing a home decide if it is the right option for their needs. 

Is the FHA loan program restricted to first-time homebuyers or low-income applicants? 

The FHA loan program is available to all borrowers who meet the basic requirements set by the

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When to Stop RentingShould you buy a home or keep renting? Across the nation, people of all ages struggle with these questions. When it comes to buying versus renting, multiple costs must be compared and considered. The three types of costs that should be compared when considering whether to buy or rent are the money needed upfront, the ongoing or recurring costs, and random expenses that come up.

Home Buying: Upfront Costs

The most obvious upfront cost when buying a home is the down payment. Bankrate reports that on average, mortgage lenders require at least a down payment of 3 percent of the home's price. However, "FHA loans (mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration) require a down payment of at least 3.5 percent."

Before home shopping, it's

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Mortgage Requirements for Home BuyersWhen you apply for a mortgage, pre-approval each lender is going to ask you for a lot of information. Some of it may seem superfluous, but it makes more sense when you consider the amount of money you may receive. Here's what they need, and what they plan to do with it.

Stable Employment History

Before anyone is willing to hand buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds to purchase a home, they want to be reasonably certain that the prospective buyer will be able to bring in the income necessary to make the monthly mortgage payment, as well as all other monthly expenses. It starts with a solid job history. Buyers can prove this by verifying consistent employment for the past several years. Be prepared to explain any gaps in employment,

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An Overview Guide of the Home Inspection ProcessGetting a home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. Finding the right inspector, asking questions during the inspection and following up on problems that the inspector identifies can help new home owners get the right home for their needs with the peace of mind knowing that there aren't any huge potential risks lurking unseen in the home.

Find a Good Home Inspector

A real estate agent can recommend a home inspector, or one can be sought out by the buyer. Either way, an experienced home inspector should have an established business and references. Consider two or three home inspectors in your area before settling on one. Check the references provided and ask questions such as:

  • Were you satisfied with the job the
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The Importance of Location Within a NeighborhoodWhen looking at a neighborhood, it is important to consider more than the look of the other houses and access to amenities. With these tips, buyers can take an analytical eye to an area’s layout and how it might affect the way you live in it.

Where Are the Roads?

Most people have probably been in a number of shopping or business complexes that looked like they had been designed by a small child. Getting into a lot is a hassle, and driving out requires making an unprotected turn on a six-lane road. Though most time in the neighborhood will be spent at home, consider the impact that getting into and out of the neighborhood will play in overall satisfaction. Invest the time to learn the major cross streets for the neighborhood, and try out all

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