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What Do Millennials Really Want in Home BuyingWhen it comes to home buying, agents want to engage Millennials and better serve their needs. However, there are a number of myths in regards to this group of potential homebuyers which require further inquiry. Understand more about what Millennials actually want when it comes time to buy a home today.

Millennials Don't Want to Purchase a Home

In contrast to the misguided belief that Millennials prefer renting to buying, a Fannie Mae survey indicates that they are interested in buying homes when they consider attractive aspects of home buying, such as security, privacy and the control of living space. Many Millennials are interested in buying a home, even after a recession. They do perceive the long-term value in buying a home.


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Strategies For Winning a Bidding WarWhen there are more buyers seeking homes than there are homes for sale, that makes every home a hot commodity. And when multiple people are all vying for the same home, that means there’s a good chance the homeowner will open the floor for a bidding war so they get the best possible offer on the home. A bidding war can sound scary, especially to someone who has never purchased a home before, but it’s possible to be ready for one. Here are a few different ways home buyers can help themselves come out of a bidding war a winner.

Be Preapproved For a Loan

Getting preapproved is a step all home buyers should take before even looking at homes for sale. Being preapproved means the buyer will have written proof from a lender that they’re authorized

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What Do Closing Costs Cover and Who Pays for Them?Closing costs are fees home buyers pay to secure their home and process their loan when buying a new home. In order to finally transfer the keys, both buyers and sellers will pay for a number of required services for the home. The services that buyers are required to pay for are all lumped in with their closing costs. The exact costs depend on the buyer's specific circumstances, including the type of loan they choose and the location they live in. It helps for buyers to understand what they're up against before getting started with the buying process in a Desert Shores home.

Who Is Paid

It's a common misconception that buyers are only paying the lender when it comes to closing costs. They're really paying everyone who was involved with the

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What You Need to Know About Homeowners InsuranceWhen prospective buyers trying to buy a home, one of the things they need to do is get homeowners insurance. Making arrangements for homeowners insurance in the weeks before escrow closes can help ensure that buyers find the right policy for their needs at a price they can afford.

Homeowners Insurance Protects Homeowners

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect homeowners from financial liability when their home is damaged, whether they live in the Willows of Summerlin or elsewhere. This type of insurance covers a variety of natural disasters and household accidents that can lead to expensive repairs, such as:

  • Fire damage
  • Lightning strike
  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Smoke damage
  • Damage from wind

In the event that the home

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How to Buy a New Construction HomeA newly constructed house is a dream come true for so many buyers because it symbolizes a fresh start and a new life. In addition to a blank slate, many assume that a new house will be free of problems because it hasn't yet undergone the wear and tear of time yet. But it's these feelings that often get in the way of the reality of new construction home. From mismanaged timelines to shoddy workmanship, it's time to learn more about how to set the groundwork for a successful home purchase.

The Good

Unlike most homes on the market, no one has an emotional attachment to the property which a buyer can use to their advantage. The builder is looking to maximize their profits, and every day the house sits empty is a day they're losing money. Sellers

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Thinking of Buying a Vacation Home? Read This FirstIt's not all sunshine and swimming pools, but vacation homes can be smart buys if you know what to expect, buy wisely, and visit often or plan to rent out the home when you're not there. Before you buy a second home, consider how you'll be affected by these 5 things.

Location Matters

If the home is very far from where you live, you might not want to make the drive as often as you're envisioning when you're in the planning stage. Location also matters for renters, especially with popular areas like Cadence. If you want to rent out the property, make sure the community attracts vacationers—otherwise, you won't get the cash you need to cover your expenses.

Know the Costs & Rules Up Front

Hidden costs add up quickly when you're traveling

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What to Know About Common Roofing TrendsWhen homeowners are looking at their roofing options, they typically fall into one When homeowners think of investments that can increase the value of their home, a trendy roof isn't exactly what comes to mind for most people. Still, for those thinking about selling their home in the near future, upgraded roofing can have a significant impact on a home's value without any of the risk of over-improving a home. For those who are thinking about replacing their roof in the near future, there are some popular roofing trends to consider.

Metal and Concrete Roofing

Durable, long-lasting roofing materials are in high demand, especially among first-time home buyers who don't want the financial burden of having to replace a roof in a few years.

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Contract Contingencies When Buying or Selling a HomeSeveral generations of statistics continue to show that home ownership represents the largest investment most Americans will ever make during their lifetime. In addition to the value of the home as a financial asset, owning a home has also been proven to offer social benefits, including a more stable life for the homeowner, their family and their community, as a whole. But becoming a homeowner does carry some significant risks that must be considered, such as buying a home with valuation or condition issues. Luckily, prospective home buyers who want to garner the benefits of homeownership with less personal risk can rely on purchase offer contingencies to assist them.

Commonly Used Contingencies

Basically defined as the insertion of a

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Should I Get a Home Warranty?When buying a home, a lot of people are cautioned not to miss anything during the final walk-through, lest they find themselves on the hook for a broken system. A home warranty is designed to provide some protection against this sort of problem, but they are not always necessary. People should weigh the cost in relation to their other expenses before they make a decision to purchase a home warranty.

Home Warranty vs Homeowners Insurance

An easy analogy to help home buyers distinguish between a home warranty and homeowners insurance is to consider the same kinds of protections for cars. A warranty on a car makes some provision for repairs or replacement of certain parts or systems, if they wear out or break before the warranty runs out.

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What to Have When Buying a HomeBuying a home can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially when sorting through pages of potential property listings, and prospective buyers may feel bogged down in questions about the home-buying process. Whether it's the first time or fifth time, in Desert Shores or elsewhere, there are several important steps homebuyers should follow.

Know How Much Home You Can Afford

Deciding on a budget is the first step in home buying. In general, it's recommended to avoid looking at homes that cost more than three times your annual income, stick closer to two times. On average, a mortgage payment should not exceed more than 25 percent of your monthly gross income. However, if there are other high monthly bills that also need to be paid, things like

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