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Tips for selling your home for the best price in the most reasonable amount of time.

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Home values have re-gained some lost territory over the past year.  In Las Vegas, home values appreciated 25% over a year ago.  Fewer 
homeowners are underwater on their homes.  This is freeing many homeowners to consider selling.  It's easier to sell now than it has been in years, but there are still some things to avoid.

Top Ten Mistakes Home Sellers Make:

1.  Over-pricing.  Most sellers feel they can start out high and then drop the price.  They argue that they're leaving "room to negotiate".  If you price it too high, many qualified buyers will not consider your home.  They will decide you're unrealistic and wait to see if you drop the price.

High prices mean that your home will linger on the market.  Today's buyers know how long your home has

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We've all seen the ads in the newspaper, on TV and even on Realtors cars about selling your home in 30 days. Many will offer to buy it themselves, pay your closing costs or discount their commissions if your home isn't sold in 30 days or less. We stopped seeing those advertisements when the market was declining. Now that inventory is low and prices are rising, we're seeing them again.

Selling your home in 30 days or less is a challenge but it isn't rocket science.  In January of this year, almost half the homes sold through the Greater Las Vegas MLS were on the market 30 days or less.

Here are some steps to get your home sold in 30 days.

Price it Right.  A good Realtor can give you the latest comps for homes that have sold in your neighborhood.

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Selling Your Las Vegas Home in 2014 is going to be a bit easier than it would have a few years ago.  Las Vegas home values appreciated in 2013.  This was partially due to low inventory, pent-up demand and a decline in the number of foreclosures.  This means your home is worth more now than it would have been had you sold earlier.

As prices rebound, we do anticipate more homes coming on the market.  Investors who bought at the bottom of the market will begin taking profits.  Homeowners who have been waiting for the day when they can break even are also beginning to list.  It may still be a seller's market, but you will find a little more competition than last year.

If you're contemplating Selling Your Las Vegas Home in 2014 we suggest starting with

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Selling your Las Vegas home during the Winter can work to your advantage.  Many homeowners have heard the old story that Spring is the best time to list your home.  That isn't necessarily so in Las Vegas.  You may find that your home has less competition because some owners will wait until the Spring to list.

Las Vegas isn't your typical town.  We have a large population of retirees and folks who own second homes in Las Vegas.  These home buyers are likely to purchase their homes during the Winter months.  They may be in town shopping between Christmas & New Years, attending the big CES Convention in January,  or maybe escaping the harsh New England Winter in February.  They don't need to wait until school's out to move.  They're qualified buyers and

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Panorama Towers is one of our most popular high rise properties.  Over the past year, we have recorded 62 sales in the MLS at this location.  The price per square foot varies considerably in this building.  Units with Strip views and on higher floors, naturally fetch a higher price than those on lower floors and with Mountain views.

Only four units at Panorama have sold for more than $300 per square foot this year.  In February, unit 3300 in Tower 1 closed at $2.3Million or a record $470/sf.  This was a penthouse suite with 4894 sf of living space, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths plus den with tons of upgrades and incredible views.  A more typical condo, unit 2900 in building 2 offered 2372 sf with 2 beds/2.5 baths.  This one was an end unit that closed for

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In the internet age, we really have to asks ourselves if Open Houses are a good idea or a bad idea?  Sellers will frequently ask how many open houses we plan to do for them.  

We'll do them if you want us to, but I would not allow one to be held in my home.  I actually did allow agents to hold open houses in a Santa Monica home many years ago.  We had listed with a husband/wife team and took the normal precautions of making sure all jewelry and small items that could easily walk away were secured.  It never occurred to us that someone would be so brazen as to walk off with an expensive jacket.  In hindsight, we should have locked our closets.

That was 20 years ago.  Even with a handful of agents to over-see an open house, things can and do walk

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Is it time to sell your Las Vegas home?  After years of declining values and a glut of homes on the market, the number of listings in the Greater Las Vegas MLS has declined to an all time low.  We've been lingering below 5000 listings for several months.  

Currently, we're right at that number.  The general consensus is that the banks will be releasing more foreclosures later this year, but in a recent appearance on the FOX News Business Channel, RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly expressed optimism that we are past the worst part of the market. We're not out of the woods yet by anyone's estimates but we are at a point where some of the homeowners who have been sitting on the sidelines may finally be able to sell their home without having to do a short sale.  

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Selling your Las Vegas home will be easier if you understand the absorption rate for the current market and how it affects the price you will ultimately receive for your home.  In real estate, the absorption rate refers to the pace at which homes are being taken off the market in comparison to homes coming on the market.

You arrive at the absorption rate by taking the total number of homes sold over the past year and dividing by twelve months.  This gives you the average number of homes being sold each month in your area.  Then you determine how many properties are currently listed for sale without accepted offers on them.  Divide this number by the number of homes sold per month to arrive at how many months it would take to sell all the current

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