How to Choose a Neighborhood That's Right For You in Las Vegas, NV 2024

Buying a new home is an exciting time, especially if you have scored one in one of the many stunning residencies in Summerlin or the heart of Las Vegas, NV. You have likely considered the amenities you want in your first home, and you probably have a general idea of what neighborhood in Las Vegas you want to live in, but there is more to it than that. Even if you have a general location in mind, it is important to dig deeper into the different areas of any city.

Continue to read to find the 6 key features to keep an eye out for when choosing a neighborhood that is the perfect fit for you and your family in Las Vegas, NV.

How to Choose a Neighborhood That's Right For You in Las Vegas, NV 20241. Safety of the Neighborhood 

The safety of a neighborhood is an important factor to keep an eye out for when you are looking to buy a house, especially if you have children, or plan on having children. Below are the following things you can look into to help get a good sense of whether or not a neighborhood feels safe for you.

  • Crime Statistics: Every area is fraught with some criminal activity from time to time, so don't be discouraged if you can't find a completely crime-free neighborhood. The most accurate data to check for crime in the area will likely come from the criminal reports on the city's website or directly from local law enforcement.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Is there a neighborhood watch group that is established in your desired neighborhood? This might not be a deal breaker, though it is something some facilities value. Ask local law enforcement or one of the residents. There might be a street sign indicating it is a neighborhood watch area.
  • Street Lighting: Adequate street lighting can help residents feel safe in a neighborhood.

2. Nearby Necessities 

Food, medication, and toiletries are necessities for daily life. If convenience is important to you, it might be worth considering choosing a location that is close to where you will be running a majority of your errands. It is important to try to map out where the neighborhood is about amenities, being close to your home or on your way to work.

3. School District 

Whether you are planning on having children in the future or already have some, finding a well-performing school district is something many families prioritize when searching for the right location to live. Below are a few ideas for determining if a school district is "good" or not.

  • Test Scores and Data: State test scores can be a huge indicator of whether a certain school district is performing at, below, or above the state average.
  • Programming: School programming can be a big deal for some families, as after-school programs can be a big help in the few hours after school before the workday ends for some parents.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Maybe your child loves writing or performing in musicals. Finding a district that caters to your children's interests and strengths will help toward their success.
  • Sports Programs: Double-check to see what your prospective school district can offer as far as athletic programs are concerned.

4. Nearby Parks and Outdoor Recreation 

If you are looking to buy a home during the winter season, it is important to check out the outdoor amenities a neighborhood has to offer. You may want to consider taking a drive or walking through the neighborhood, and checking for the following:

  • Sidewalks: This might seem obvious, but well-maintained sidewalks make a neighborhood more accessible for people with disabilities and/or no alternative route of transportation.
  • Parks: This might be important for you, your children, and even your dog. Is there one within walking distance to your home, or a short drive away?
  • Walking Trails: Maybe you take your dog for a walk every morning before you head to work, or you enjoy a family stroll in the evening. Look around for nearby walking trails or locate a city trail map.

5. Commute to Work 

When gas prices continue to climb, many people would appreciate a shorter commute to and from work. It is important to pay attention to the routes you can take to get there—just because the distance is shorter in mileage does not necessarily mean it will take less time with traffic and construction. If driving yourself is not an option, or one you prefer to avoid, look into transportation options like metro transit buses or light rail.

6. Activities in the Area 

Aside from necessities, does your potential new neighborhood have what you enjoy to thrive? If you are someone who enjoys going out or getting takeout, scope out the nearby restaurant scene. If you enjoy an active lifestyle in yoga, spin classes, or gym classes, check out to see if there is a nearby gym or studio nearby.

The Bottom Line 

Remember to take your time searching and don't be afraid to drive around the area, talk to neighbors, and ask questions. You want to be comfortable when making a big decision like where to buy a house, and you want to be confident in your choice. Ensure to have honest, open conversations with people you trust during the home-buying process. Let professional real estate agents at The Las Vegas Luxury Home Pro help you find your potential forever home in Las Vegas, NV today!

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