The 4 Best Kitchen Flooring Options

4 Great Kitchen Flooring OptionsThere are many great flooring types that can be used throughout a Desert Shores home, but homeowners always give extra thought when choosing which flooring material to use in their kitchen. Kitchen floors need to be durable in order to stand up to drops and spills that happen while cooking. There are many great flooring material options that fit well in kitchens, ranging from natural and man-made materials, and they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures in order to match nearly any style. Here are some of the best flooring options for any kitchen and what makes them great choices.

Tile Flooring

One of the most popular types of kitchen flooring is tile. Tile can come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, so homeowners can choose a style that fits perfectly with their kitchen. Tile is also one of the most durable flooring materials, and it can easily stand up to decades of everyday wear and tear. If on the off chance it does break, it can be expensive to fix. This is because the homeowner will need to hire a contractor to come to the home, cut the broken tile out of the floor, and put a replacement tile in. Tile is also a more expensive option, but many homeowners find that it’s worth the cost due to how durable it is.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is an eco-friendly flooring option for homeowners who are trying to make their home greener. Stone is cut from natural sources, installed in homes, and if the homeowner decides they no longer want stone floors, it can be removed without causing any harm to the environment. Because the stone is naturally occurring, the color options a homeowner can choose from can seem limited. While this is true, the stone can also be stained or painted in order to give it a different look. Different varieties of stone have different hardness ratings, so homeowners will need to research the different types of stone and choose one that fits their needs best.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a popular choice throughout homes, not just in kitchens. There are many different types of wood that homeowners can choose from, including bamboo and oak. However, like with stone, every type of wood has a different hardness rating, and some will stand up to wear and tear better than others. If hardwood floors do get scratched and start looking old, the homeowner can get the floors refinished to bring them back to looking brand new. On average, a hardwood floor can be refinished up to six times before it needs to be completely replaced.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are a popular choice because they’re cost effective and fit most budgets. It also fits nearly any kitchen due to how vinyl can come in just about any color or pattern. No matter what a kitchen looks like, there will be a type of vinyl flooring that matches it. Vinyl isn’t the most durable flooring type out there when compared to stone and tile, but it will stand up to the most typical damage. Vinyl is water-resistant, which is especially useful in a kitchen, and it’s easy to maintain. It doesn’t need refinishing or special care—just normal sweeping and the occasional mopping, and it will hold up.

These are just four of the different great options homeowners can choose for their kitchens. For more information about these flooring types and others, be sure to consult a professional flooring expert at a local hardware store.

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