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Monthly Update about the latest Real Estate News.  Includes how many homes sold, how many are listed for sale and where prices are heading.

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Homes For Sale in Las Vegas and Henderson

Looking for a home in Las Vegas or Henderson?  Today you have 7408 single family homes available.  Condos and townhomes present another 2432 options.  That's a very slight increase over last month when we had 7273 single family homes.  It's only slightly higher than the 7131 single family homes listed last year.

Homes SOLD in July 2015

Las Vegas Homes For SaleJuly was another good month for Las Vegas Real Estate.  We sold 3045 single family homes.  Condos, townhomes and high rise condos added another 624 transactions.  A total of 3669 homes changes hands in July.  That's an increase of more than a hundred from the 3560 sold in June.  It's a 14% increase from the 3212 homes sold in July 2014.  

If you compare the single family

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Homes For Sale

Home buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson have 7273 single family homes available today.  Condos, townhomes and high rise condos add another 2422 choices.  A total of 9695 homes for sale without accepted offers.  Not much of a change from last month when we had 9637 homes for sale.  Still below February's high of just over 9800 homes for sale.

Homes Sold in June 2015

Las Vegas Real Estate NewsWe sold 2933 single family homes in June.  Condos, townhomes and high rise properties totaled 627 closed escrows.  Overall, there were 3560 homes sold in June.  This includes Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas.  It doesn't include Boulder City, Blue Diamond and any outlying areas.

The June closings were higher than the last two months.  In May we had 3256 and in

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Las Vegas Home buyers have 7240 single family homes, plus 2397 condos, townhomes and high rise condos to choose from.  There are 9637 homes available for today's buyer in the Las Vegas MLS.  This is slightly lower than it was over the past few Las Vegas Real Estate and Luxury Homesmonths.  In May we had 9751.  In February, we had a high of 9805.  

Homes Sold in May 2015

We sold 2652 single family homes plus 604 condos, townhomes and high rise condos.  A total of 3256 resale homes closed escrow in May.  That's consistent with the sales volume we've seen the last several months.  Last month we sold 3269 resale homes through the MLS.  In March it was 3262 homes sold.  In May 2014 we sold 3371 properties through the Greater Las Vegas MLS.   Feel free to search current listings here.


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Las Vegas Homes For Sale

We have 7268 single family homes listed for sale.  Buyers who are looking for condos, townhomes and high rise condos have 2483 options.  A total of 9751 homes are in the MLS.  Last month there were 9714 and in February there were 9805 homes for sale.

In May of 2014 we had 8717 homes listed for sale.  Today's total is just over a thousand more than was available a year ago.  

Homes Sold in April 2015

Las Vegas Real Estate - Homes For SaleWe sold 2652 Single Family homes in April, plus 617 condos and town homes.  We recorded a total of 3269 homes sold in April.  That's a slight increase over 3134 homes sold in April 2014.  It's only 7 more homes than the 3262 homes we sold in March 2015.

At the current rate of sales, the homes listed for sale now would be

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Las Vegas fine homes have had an outstanding first quarter in 2015.  We've sold 54 luxury homes and 22 luxury high rise condos for $1 Million plus.  That's 76 luxury homes sold in the first quarter.  Seventeen of the properties came in above $2 Million and the top 7 were $3M or more.

Las Vegas Fine Homes For SaleTop home prices included an estate that sold for $8,050,000 in the Ridges of Summerlin.  This spacious 12,445 sf home was on just under an acre of land.  The contemporary masterpiece offered Mountain views and was only listed for 15 days when it went into contract.  Another home in the Ridges came in at $4.55M.  

The second highest price paid in the first quarter went to the "Crown Penthouse" at ONE Queensridge Place.  The 15,691 sf mansion in the sky included a 3000 sf

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Las Vegas Homes For Sale

Las Vegas is seeing the effects of Spring Fever in the real estate market.  Stop by any new home sales center and you'll find lots of potential buyers out looking at the options.  What we aren't seeing is a sizeable increase in the number of homes listed for sale.  

As of today, we have 7206 single family homes.  The MLS shows an additional 2508 condos, townhomes and high rise properties listed for sale.  Buyers have a total of 9714 options available.  That's slightly less than the 9805 listings when we did our March update.

Homes Sold in March 2015

Ridges of Summerlin Luxury Golf Homes For SaleWe sold 2615 single family homes in March.  Condos, townhomes and high rise condos added another 647 for a total of 3262 closings.  That's a nice increase over the 2374

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Las Vegas Real Estate and Homes If you've been following the news and the weather, you probably know Las Vegas has had another record warm Winter.  While New England and even some of the Southern States have had to shovel snow, we've already reached 80 degrees.  The warm spell was interrupted with a brief cold spell that brought an unusual snowfall to the Red Rock Mountains.  Locals and tourists enjoyed the unusual snow but it was gone in a couple of days.  As we're entering Spring, the weather isn't the only thing that seems to be heating up in Las Vegas.  There are good signs for Las Vegas homeowners too.

Las Vegas and Henderson area home buyers have 7294 single family homes listed for sale today.  Condos, townhomes and high rise condos offer an additional 2501 homes for sale.

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Las Vegas Homes For Sale and Real Estate News

The Nevada Association of Realtors recently hosted the Rocky Mountain Regional Real Estate Conference.  NAR's Chief Economist, Dr. Lawrence Yun spoke at the conference.  Yun is confident the housing market's gains over the past two years will continue.   The reasons he expects the housing market to continue growing include a stronger GDP and lower un-employment.  In addition, Nevada is attracting new residents with our business environment and lower taxes.  

New Construction Homes For Sale SummerlinThe warm, sunny weather we've been having doesn't hurt anything.   Yesterday's high was almost 80 degrees.  We took a day off to drive up to visit the wild horses Northwest of town in Cold Creek.  It gave us a nice glimpse of snow on the Mountain

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Las Vegas Homes For Sale

Las Vegas Real Estate NewsWe've started 2015 with 7436 single family homes listed for sale in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.  We have an additional 2385 condos, high rise condos and townhomes listed.  The total of 9821 homes for sale is a slight drop from the 10511 that was available in early December.  In early November we had 10702 options available.  We were at 10530 in early October.  At this same time in 2014 we only had 9316 homes listed for sale.  

Now that the holidays have passed, we should see more homes being listed for sale.  We are starting to see the usual studies about what to expect for the real estate market in 2015.  The days of worrying about an on-slaught of foreclosures seem to be fading.  National Association of Realtors

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The good news for luxury home buyers and sellers is the real estate market continues to show signs of recovery.  Experts are
Time For A Move Up Homepredicting that First Time Home Buyers will not only return to the market in 2015 but will be a driving force in the market.  Why does this matter to the luxury home market?  Sellers in the entry level price ranges tend to use their profits to buy a move up home. As they move up to the mid-level price range, many of those sellers will move up to luxury. 

Reports over the past year have talked about how the luxury market is thriving.  Bloomberg covered the thriving luxury market in May 2014. In 2015, we see the luxury home market as an area that offers good values in some regional markets.  

Buying a Luxury Home in 2015


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