Lighting Secrets for Making Your Home Inviting

Make Your Home More Inviting with LightingOne of the great secrets to making a home more inviting is to keep the space well lit. Shadowy nooks and crannies, dingy kitchens, and dark living rooms all make a house seem unappealing and uninviting, so it's important for homeowners to brighten up There are many ways that this can be done. These tips will help make a home space more comfortable, cozy and inviting, and many of them can be done as DIY projects for homeowners.

Combine Natural and Artificial Light Sources

Natural daylight makes people feel invigorated, energetic and cheerful, while warm artificial light bulbs can make a home seem cozy and comfortable. Using a variety of light sources in the house can help make the environment seem more inviting. To maximize the amount of daylight inside, homeowners can remove heavy drapes and replace them with light cotton curtains. Another way to keep the home filled with natural daylight is to raise or remove light-blocking blinds.

Use Warm Tones

Light bulbs come in a variety of colors, from a cool blue to a warm yellow. Blue colors have a way of casting most rooms in a harsh light that isn't always very flattering. The best way to light a home's interior with beautiful tones is to buy light bulbs that have a warm yellow or golden hue.

Homeowners who aren't sure which light bulbs are best for their needs can inspect the light bulb package. The light bulb color temperature is usually featured on the package with the rest of the information about the light bulb's strength. This measurement is also known as the Kelvin temperature. Warm light bulbs usually fall in the 2,000 to 3,000 range.

Use Small Lamps Make a Home Cozy

Overhead lights that brighten a space can sometimes be glaring and harsh, but lamps placed through the room can be more gentle. Although small lamps don't light a big space, they do create a small sphere of light that's perfect for getting cozy when day turns to night.

Little lamps are best put to use in rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms and home offices, where people often spend time curled up on a chair, couch or bed engaging in solitary activities. Small lamps are also an effective form of lighting in the dining room where mood and ambiance play an important role in the dining experience.

Keep a Fire Lit

Not all homes have a fire place, but those that do have a special warm glow at cold times of the year. Fireplaces provide flickering, beautiful light and also create a focal point in the room. The easiest fire places to use are those with a gas fireplace insert. With this insert, a fire can be controlled with the push of a button or turn of a dial. Homeowners who like the smell and look of a real wood-burning fireplace must keep firewood on hand and will need to clean their fireplace on a regular basis.

Homes without fireplaces can still take advantage of the glow and warmth of fire through candles. Real candles are attractive and can even emit a pleasant smell, but for homeowners with safety concerns, artificial candles are better. Candles placed around the room, especially at dark times of the year, can help keep a room feeling small, cozy and intimate.

Contact a Decorator or Contractor for Suggestions

Homeowners hoping for more lighting suggestions can talk to a contractor or interior decorator about other home lighting options for their Southern Highlands home. For more information, contact a lighting professional in your area today.

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