Roofing Trends: What are Home Buyers Looking For?

What to Know About Common Roofing TrendsWhen homeowners are looking at their roofing options, they typically fall into one When homeowners think of investments that can increase the value of their home, a trendy roof isn't exactly what comes to mind for most people. Still, for those thinking about selling their home in the near future, upgraded roofing can have a significant impact on a home's value without any of the risk of over-improving a home. For those who are thinking about replacing their roof in the near future, there are some popular roofing trends to consider.

Metal and Concrete Roofing

Durable, long-lasting roofing materials are in high demand, especially among first-time home buyers who don't want the financial burden of having to replace a roof in a few years. Specifically, metal roofing is popular in areas where hail storms and high winds can otherwise wreak havoc on traditional asphalt roofing shingles. It is not uncommon for metal roofing to come with a lifetime warranty due to the durability of the material.

Concrete roofing, contrary to how it may sound, does not consist of paving a huge concrete slab over the top of a home. Instead, concrete roofing has an appearance somewhat similar to traditional asphalt roofing, as the concrete is formed into individual shingles that are layered over the home. This is a great option for those who want the durability of metal roofing but with the appearance of a more traditional roof.

Recycled Roof Materials

Environmentally friendly roofing materials, such as shingles made of recycled composite materials, are also very popular right now. Today's home buyers want to feel good about the home they're buying and reduce their environmental footprint in any way possible, so recycled materials like clay and even wood shakes make for excellent roofing options over traditional asphalt or petroleum-based shingles.

Solar Panels

Speaking of lowering one's environmental footprint, those with larger roofing budgets may want to consider installing solar roofing panels. Doing so can significantly increase the value of a home, and homeowners can reap the benefits of lower energy costs in the meantime while they wait for the home to sell. There are even some great tax credits available for those who invest in solar roofing panels, so this can help to offset some of the initial costs of installation. Of course, those considering solar panels for their roof should begin by consulting with a roofing professional that specializes in solar panels, as the home's location and orientation can have a major impact on how feasible and practical solar panel installation will be. While it is a viable option for many homes, it is not ideal for all.

Even if solar panels aren't an option, there are plenty of energy-saving roofing options available that can help to cut back on energy usage and save homeowners money. Consider, for example, "cool roofs," which are made of metal and coated with a mixture that helps to reflect the sun's rays during the warm months of summer and absorb them during the cooler months of winter.

Lighter Colors

From a strictly cosmetic standpoint, many homeowners are also beginning to move away from darker roofing colors and towards lighter options, such as pale grays and beiges. This coincides with the overall trend of homeowners preferring lighter and more neutral colors to darker shades, especially on the exterior of a home. Of course, when choosing a roofing color, it's always a good idea to consider the color of the home's exterior siding or brick, as well as landscaping colors. A roofing professional or design expert can make some specific recommendations regarding the best colors and shades of roofing material to complement a home or a community. Many communities, such as Anthem have many specific architectural styles which conventionally look best with specific color palettes.

Unique Shapes

Finally, many homeowners are beginning to add unique architectural components when they have their roofing replaced, as this is the ideal time to do so. A-frame designs and gables are just a couple examples of design components that can add visual interest and curb appeal to a home. These designs can also be made in such a way that promotes overall better water drainage on the roof, so these changes can not only boost curb appeal, but help to protect and prolong the life of the new roof as well.

These are just a few of today's hottest roofing trends, and only time will tell what new trends may emerge in the coming months. Homeowners thinking about replacing an existing roof should keep these trends in mind as they shop and be sure to find a qualified and experienced roofing company for the job.

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