The Nevada Electric Highway: A Quick Overview

The Nevada Electric Highway

The State of Nevada is pushing ahead with plans to make it easier to travel longer distances in electric vehicles. The Nevada Electric Highway is a joint project between the state and NV Energy to expand EV charging up and down some of the state’s major highways.

With some help from the US Federal Highway Administration, officials have designated four Alternative Fuel Corridors in the state. They include US 95 and 50, as well as Interstates 15 and 80. The designation helps recognize the state as a major force in EV travel across the western United States. 

As for the Nevada Electric Highway project, it now offers the ability to travel 450 miles on US Route 95 from Las Vegas to Reno in an electric vehicle, with charging stations along the route. For the first five years, the state’s new charging stations have been free to the public.

That stretch of US 95 was involved in Phase I of the Nevada Electric Highway project. Each of the stations along the route has one Direct Current fast charger and two Level 2 chargers.  

The first three charging stations in operation were in Beatty, Fallon and Hawthorne, followed by two more stations in Indian Springs and Tonopah. The one in Beatty was the very first charging station to come into operation as part of phase one of the Nevada Electric Highway.

It’s located in between Eddie World and the Stagecoach Hotel, close to the gas pumps. Some of its ports can charge a car up to 80-percent in just a half-hour. Other ports take four hours. 

The next station to come into operation was in Fallon. This one sits at the Fox Peak Gas Station on tribal land. You’ll find the charging stations just to the east of the gas pumps. The charging station in Hawthorne sits in the Veterans Memorial Park rest area. 

Phase II of The Nevada Electric Highway Project

Phase II of the project brought its first EV charging station to the Panaca area along US Highway 93. You’ll find this one at McCrosky’s Y Service. 

In total, the Nevada Electric Highway consists of more than three-dozen public charging stations. Four of them are along Interstate 15, while another 12 charging stations are located along I-80. 

Eight more charging stations can be found along US-95, while 10 more can be found along US-50. The remaining five charging stations are located along US-93. 

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