Tips For Surviving a Las Vegas Heat Wave

Tips for Surviving Las Vegas Heatwave - As the old saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the...."  There are some folks, myself included who truly love the hot weather.  I prefer it on days when I can work at home on the computer with occasional pool breaks.  Even if you enjoy the heat, it can still creep up on you.  The Las Vegas Review Journal, reports that the heat is already causing medical emergencies.

Here are some tips for surviving Las Vegas Heatwave that I've learned over my years of living in the desert:

1 - Number one on any list is to have lots of water on hand.  I routinely pack an ice chest with chilled water and the frozen ice packs to keep it chilled when I'm working with buyers in the heat.  While I do this for buyers throughout the Summer, on days when it's this hot and I would throw it in the car for myself if out running around.

2 - Water isn't just for drinking.  Having a mister bottle with water to spray your face and arms if you do start feeling over-heated is a good idea.  This is especially true if you're going to be outside for long periods of time.

3 - Avoid alcohol and other beverages which act as a diuretic.  Lucky for our Casinos, most tourists won't follow this one to the letter but for those who consume thebeverages, it's best to do so indoors.

4 - Don't forget the sunscreen.  Another one that's true anytime you're out in the sun.

5 - Pay special attention to your pets.  Don't take them out with you and leave them in the car.  Don't take them for walks during the heat of the day when the pavement and sidewalks are likely to burn their paws.  If you must leave them outside for any period of time, make sure they have shade with lots of water in a container that can't tip over and spill.  Best of all, bring them inside during the day.

6 - Pay attention to your own body.  If you start feeling faint, dizzy or nauseous, get inside and drink water.

7 - If you're planning to go on a drive to explore the desert, check that your car has plenty of fluids and pack enough water and snacks to be comfortable if the heat should cause problems with your vehicle.

Best of all, when you have a chance go hop in a pool.  Enjoy a nice evening by throwing something on the grill or going out to one of our great restaurants.  Even outdoor dining is pleasant when you dine on the patio of one of our great restaurants that has a mister system.  Hope you have enjoyed these Tips for Surviving Las Vegas Heatwave and if you're ready to search the MLS for your Las Vegas home, click here.

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