What is Considered a Premium Lot?

Understanding What a Premium Lot Is in a Summerlin Luxury Neighborhood

What is Considered a Premium Lot

Curious about the world of real estate and understanding what a lot premium is? Lot premiums are additional costs associated with purchasing a specific lot in a real estate development. These premiums are often charged for desirable features like excellent views, larger lot sizes, or proximity to city amenities. Lot premiums for new construction homes in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV can vary widely depending on location and demand.

Carefully consider the benefits and costs before deciding on a lot with a premium, and without further ado, let's dive in and unravel the mystery of lot premiums.

What is a Lot Premium?

In simple terms, a lot premium refers to additional money that a buyer is required to pay for a certain home lot within a real estate development. This extra fee is charged due to specific features, advantages, or desirability of the lot. It's a form of customization or exclusivity that comes at a price. Lot premiums can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, size, views, amenities, and home builder.

Lot premiums are typically found in newer housing developments, particularly those where the lots or homes are sold by a builder or developer. These premiums are usually set by the builder and are based on their assessment of the value of the specific lot. Generally, lots with desirable characteristics, like being larger or offering scenic views of the Red Rock Mountains, will come with a higher premium. Lots that are in less desirable areas, such as near a busy road or with uneven terrain, might have lower or even no premium at all.

Premium Lots for sale in Summerlin

Factors Affecting Lot Premiums

Several factors can influence the price of a lot premium. Let's take a closer look at some of the key determinants of lot premiums:

1. Location

As a Las Vegas Realtor I help a lot of folks find and purchase land for building. The location of a lot within a well-established luxury development is one of the most crucial factors in determining its premium when building a home. Lots that are situated in prime locations, such as those in Summerlin near amenities, parks, or natural landscapes, tend to command higher premiums. Proximity to schools, transportation, and retail centers can impact the desirability and, subsequently, the premium factor of a lot.

2. Size

The size of a lot is another big factor. Larger lots, which provide more space for potential landscaping and expansion, often come with higher premiums. The additional acreage allows for greater privacy and exclusivity, making these lots more sought after by buyers.


Stunning vistas, whether it is a picturesque Mountain View or sparking water views, can impact the premium of a lot. Unobstructed or panoramic views are highly desirable and can command a significant premium due to their aesthetic appeal and the sense of tranquility they offer.

4. Amenities

Developments with amenities such as luxury community pools, fitness centers, walking trails, and parks often have designated lots with premiums attached to them. Access to these amenities increases the overall value of the lot, making it more attractive to potential investors.

5. Demand and Market Conditions

Supply and demand dynamics in the real estate market play a significant role in determining lot premiums. In a sellers' market where demand exceeds supply, lot premiums tend to be higher as competition for desirable lots increases. In a buyer's market where supply outweighs demand, lot premiums might be lower or non-existent.

Premium Lots for sale in Summerlin

Are Lot Premiums Worth the Price? Benefits to Look Out For:

Lot premiums might add to the overall cost of your home purchase, but they often come with a range of benefits that can make the additional investment worthwhile. Here are a couple of advantages of buying a lot with a premium attached:

1. Customization

When you opt to buy a lot with a premium, you often have more control over the design and customization of your home. Whether it is choosing specific architectural styles or making modifications to the layout, having a premium lot allows you to put your stamp on your property.

2. Desirable Location

Lot premiums are usually associated with prime locations within a development. By investing in a premium lot, you ensure that your home is situated in an area that offers the best views, amenities, and accessibility. This exclusivity can elevate your living experience and add value to your property.

3. Potential for Higher Resale Value

While there are no guarantees in the real estate market, premium lots often hold their value well. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, the desirable characteristics that come with a premium lot can attract potential buyers and potentially fetch a higher price compared to homes on non-premium lots.

Helpful Tips to Maximize Your Investment on Premium Lots

Now that you understand what entails owning a premium lot, here are a few expert tips to help you make the most of your investment:

1. Do Your Research

Before fully committing to a premium lot, thoroughly research the development and surrounding area. Consider aspects such as future development plans, potential changes in the neighborhood, and any upcoming infrastructure projects that could affect the value or desirability of your lot.

2. Consult with a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Seek the guidance of a knowledgeable real estate agent who specializes in new home construction and lot sales. They can offer valuable insights and help you to navigate the complexities of lot premiums, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and requirements.

3. Weigh the Cost Against the Benefits

Before committing to a premium lot, carefully evaluate the additional cost against the benefits it offers. Factors such as long-term value, customization options, and personal preferences should all be taken into account. It is essential to strike a balance between the investment and the potential returns.

The Bottom Line

A comprehensive guide to understanding lot premiums arms you with the knowledge you can use to confidently explore options for premium lots, evaluate the potential benefits, and make an informed decision that suits your preferences. Lot premiums can add to the cost of your home purchase, but the exclusivity, desirability, and potential for customization make them an attractive option for many buyers. Let professionals at The Las Vegas Luxury Home Pro guide you in finding your dream luxury Summerlin home in the many communities today!

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