Why Customer Service for Real Estate Agents Matters More Than You Think

The Benefits of Good Customer Service for Real Estate AgentsIt's easy to discount the importance of customer service when agents are busy negotiating deals, drawing up endless paperwork, and handling unreasonable buyer or seller requests. They may be doing so much work behind the scenes that their efforts seem like more than enough. But real estate is a competitive enough field that agents may want to reconsider how they're approaching their clients. It's not enough to be punctual and ask a few half-hearted personal questions.

Home Buying and Selling Can Take a While

It's easy to be polite to people for a few hours or even a full weekend, but home buying can sometimes take months to finally close the transaction. That kind of intense, repeated exposure can wear on everyone involved, but a real estate agent is not allowed to show their stress and exhaustion to their clients. This doesn't mean they have to be endlessly perky, but it does mean they should be able to handle the many bumps that may come up along the way.

Buyers and Sellers Put Their Trust in Their Agents

Few buyers have the time to buy and sell a home on their own, so they're expecting an agent to pick up an awful lot of slack. Buyers are usually starting from a place of total ignorance too, and they expect agents to be able to fill in the gaps. If they can't get ahold of an agent—even for a seemingly minor question—it can start to wear away at an agent's reputation bit by bit.

Buyers and Sellers Need The Support of Their Agents

No matter how excited clients are to buy or sell a home in Seven Hills, it's a difficult time for everyone. The emotions, stress, and constant schedule changes can be difficult for agents to handle, let alone their clients. A client may understand on a cognitive level that deals fall through all the time but that knowledge may only go so far to prepare them. If an agent doesn't understand where their clients are coming from, then it's going to be difficult to make decisions in their best interest.

It's generally impossible to fake good customer service, but it's not impossible to make a conscious effort to get better at it. Real estate agents in or elsewhere who can devote themselves to improving their empathetic skills and general demeanor may find that, over time, they have more business than they know what to do with.

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