Las Vegas Luxury Home Guide

Las Vegas is an exciting city and it offers a great variety of luxury homes. You can choose from guard-gated golf course estates to free-standing compounds. Not to mention the lavish penthouses with incredible views.

Luxury home buyers are often surprised by the Las Vegas market. It's rare to find homes on large lots. Land in Las Vegas comes at a premium. Some of our most expensive communities have homes that are on lots of 1/3 acre. Homes on lots from 1/2 acre to 1 acre are more the exception than the norm.

Buyers from California and New York tend to be surprised at how much home they can get for the money. We also hear that property taxes are less in Las Vegas and Henderson than in other states.

Questions for Luxury Home Buyers

How much luxury can you afford? The first step for any home buyer is finding out how much house they can afford. The affluent may be able to spend more, but they should still consult with their trusted advisors before committing to such a large investment.

Should you pay cash or finance? About half of the luxury homes that are sold in Las Vegas are purchased with cash. Some owners prefer knowing their homes are owned free and clear. Today's low interest rates make it worthwhile to consider Jumbo Loans. It allows you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle while letting your assets continue earning money in other investments. Tax deductions for your primary residence are another consideration.

Are there tax advantages? Speaking of tax advantages, we have worked with clients who are buying in Las Vegas to escape high taxes in California, New York, and other areas. Nevada does not have a state income tax. We've also heard that Nevada is more favorable for estate taxes than some other states. If you're buying a home in the Las Vegas area, you should consult your tax expert and decide if establishing Nevada residency is a wise move.

You can afford it but should you? Our knowledge of the luxury market will help you avoid purchasing a home that may be difficult to sell in the future. You may fall in love with a home that perfectly suits your taste, but negative factors such as an aging community or challenging location. We won't stop you from buying the home if it's the one you want but we'll make sure you understand the challenges you'll face should you need to sell. We'll negotiate the price you pay with resale value in mind.

Find a REALTOR® With Luxury Experience

Not all real estate agents are familiar with local luxury real estate options. Our real estate team knows the Las Vegas and Henderson luxury real estate markets. Our knowledge of the high-end market will ensure that you pay a fair price for your luxury home. We will protect your privacy and confidentiality. We will provide you with detailed information so you can make the best possible decision about the home you purchase.

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